HOLLYWOOD—I suspected it, but the audience finally got confirmation months later on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” If you thought the villainess Sheila Carter who has caused all sorts of chaos for the Logan, Hayes and Forrester families was dead, think again. Yes, in a semi-epic cliffhanger last week, the thing EVERYONE who watches the soap has been discussing unfolded. We all know, Sheila tried faking her death a while back by getting rid of one of her toes. Well, the toe saga is back.

As Sheila’s body was about to be cremated, the sheet flew back and Deacon spotted 10 toes. That is right 10 toes, which means that was NOT Sheila Carter, it was someone else. The question everyone is asking is who was the person who broke into Steffy’s home posing as Sheila? I keep hearing this name Sugar, who is a woman that had plastic surgery to look like Sheila all those years ago. I don’t remember that character that much, but even if it is true, why would Sugar want to pose as Sheila unaware that it could lead to her demise?

Sheila had been teasing she was communicating with someone from her past for quite some time, but it was a person the audience didn’t get the opportunity to see. Was it Sugar? It very well could have been, but we don’t know the answer to that question at the moment.

This is welcome news for me because the narrative on the soap has felt quite dry of late without much drama unfolding and if there is drama it is nothing to salivate about. Steffy has been reeling as Finn recently attended Sheila’s memorial that was planned by Deacon. Steffy needs to try to understand Finn’s predicament. Yes, Sheila tormented him and her, but at the end of the day that is still the woman who gave him life. So while Steffy was commiserating about the issue with her ex, Liam, Finn was getting chummy with Hope.

Yes, Hope is recovering from heartbreak after Thomas severed things after Hope refused to accept his second marriage proposal. Thomas took Douglas and fled to Paris; I’m assuming to spend time with Taylor? I don’t know, but the character of Thomas Forrester seems to be out for the time being. This seems to help writers in their mission to pair Hope and Finn and to be honest, I’m all for it. Do I want to see Steffy and Liam back together? Not really, but if it means Hope and Finn have a chance at romance, I’m ok for it. One it would be poetic justice for Hope and Finn after their significant others cheated on them with one another years back and Steffy was preggers and didn’t know who the father was.

With Steffy out of the neck of the woods for any criminal charges in ‘Sheila’s death’ her world is going to be rocked whenever Sheila makes her return to Los Angeles and whatever she is planning has to be huge. Sheila is going to want to stick it to Steffy and I fear we might see a kidnapping or such unfold in the near future as a result.

Deacon was frazzled with the news and before the week culminated he started to share his theories with Finn and anyone who would listen, but it was falling on deaf ears until the big question arose: but what if Sheila is indeed still alive? Hate to say it, but it’s needed because “B&B” is as stale as a bag of potato chips at the moment so any revitalization is much-needed in the narrative department.