HOLLYWOOD—This might be one of the most captivating tales that “The Young and the Restless” has crafted in a very long time and I am so excited to see actress Eileen Davidson get the opportunity to sink her teeth into it. Ashley is suffering from a Dissociative Identity Disorders with multiple personalities trying to take over. I can’t recall seeing a narrative like this on a soap opera in quite some time. Ashley’s situation is precarious because it feels like it is a direct result of her relationship with Tucker McCall.

Plain and simple, Tucker has pushed Ashley to her limit and her alters are fighting for control. We have ‘Ash’ and ‘Ms. Abbott,’ and the latter is the one to worry about. Her primary concern is to ensure Ashley is safe at all costs and that means ensuring Tucker and anyone who might be a threat to her is taken out. I did predict the possibility of a Tucker McCall murder mystery unfolding on the soap because of the amount of enemies he has created.

Do I still suspect that? No, but I do suspect the possibility of him getting caught in the crosshairs of some danger because of Ashley’s DID? Without a doubt, and that also holds true for Audra who is poking her nose where it doesn’t belong.

The only saving grace about this is that all in Ashley’s orbit, Jack, Traci, Billy, Tucker and even Audra realize there is seriously something wrong with Ashley, but will they get her the help she needs before she does something that is catastrophic? Time will tell. We should chat about another narrative that is getting more screen time, but it is NOT as riveting as it was a few months ago. I’m referring to Jordan, the woman who won’t go away and appears to always be one step ahead of the Newman clan.

Nikki and Victor are planning a massive celebration of their love for the past 50 years and it seems Jordan is primed to strike once again and this is just boring. You would think this woman is some mastermind. I mean she was arrested and jailed and found a way to escape. She started a fire, she poisoned herself, she was captured and has still managed to escape yet again. Like what the hell!

Seriously what is it going to take to take this woman out? Perhaps a bullet, a car crash or something else, not sure, but it is time to put Jordan and her vendetta against the Newman family to bed because it is no longer working for me. I just don’t care, if I’m being honest. You know what I do care about, this revenge tour that Lily is having. I’ve always seen Lily as just giving in to those who screw her over, well not anymore. Daniel and Heather sneaking around behind Lily’s back caused a ruckus at Chancellor-Winters. Why?

Heather and Daniel are both out of a job and Lily is holding Daniel’s gaming app over his head. I mean these two were young lovebirds I wanted to see get back together and to have them at all-out war with one another is about to get nasty. I think things might get legal and who comes out as a victor, I’m not sure, but I’m eager to see the chaos unfold. This is a side of Lily we rarely see and when she is hurt, she strikes. I wonder if Cane Lily’s former hubby could be making a return to GC to mend that broken heart.

Summer is worried a bit too much about Claire. Get over it, the girl is your cousin, and she has developed a bond with Harrison, the kid that you haven’t thought about in quite some time. Summer is acting like she’s a saint, girl, take a minute and reflect on all the devious things you did as a young adult before you were forced to mature? Claire was raised by a monster and has finally got a bit of stability in her life and people around her that care about her wellbeing, Kyle being one of them.

Oh, it is so obvious that the writers are gearing up for a Claire and Kyle pairing and I’m all for it. Kyle needs a love interest and so does Claire. Also, what is happening with Victoria and Cole? I mean they shared a kiss, could Victoria’s former flame become a new and permanent one? It is very possible and starting to look that way. For all else in GC, just not that interesting at the moment, so the writers should turn the focus on the tales that matter because May Sweeps is starting to gear up and I wonder what chaos is going to unfold.