HOLLYWOOD—We all knew it was too good to be true the moment that it was revealed that Sheila Carter was ‘dead’ on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Well she made her return to the soap in a twisted way that was fun to witness, in a disguise yet again, and I cannot believe these people could NOT see this America. That disguise was horrible and not something easy to spot from a million miles away. With that said, Sheila or ‘Nic’ found herself in Deacon’s orbit and she took Deacon to bid, but once he spotted her foot and saw her take off that mask his worse fears came to light.

Yes, Deacon, you just did the deed with her friend/foe Sheila and she now has you trapped in her masterplan. Deacon was STUNNED, SCARED and a host of other words, yet he is still doing Sheila’s bidding. Like Deacon, what the hell is wrong with you? Simply tell her know and spill the information to the authorities and let Sheila be carted off to prison and be done with it, it is that simple, that easy and there is nothing else you have to do.

Nope. Deacon has this undying loyalty to this woman that makes absolutely no sense that I cannot understand that I wish someone would explain to me already because I cannot understand it. She isn’t really blackmailing you Deacon, and you already know she is attempting to reunite with Finn YET AGAIN after everything she has done and for what? You are about to become an accessory to attempted murder and that absolutely sucks people.

Hope is already suspicious, but she doesn’t have all the information just yet. Brooke was surprised to hear that Deacon has a new woman in his life, but that is actually good news for Brooke. Why? She doesn’t have to worry about Ridge thinking that Deacon is still after her. Ridge is reigniting a rivalry with Deacon that just makes no sense, like dude figure out if you want Brooke or Taylor because this back and forth triangle is annoying people.

Taylor is constantly immersing herself where she doesn’t belong especially with this drama involving Thomas and Douglas. Yes, Thomas belongs with his son, but the manipulative things this man has done, he has NO RIGHT to be with his son. That guy committed some crazy and heinous crimes I’m sorry people. However, with Ridge, Taylor and Steffy, the big, bold, boisterous one pushing for the Forrester family to be reunited and Douglas to stay at the Forrester mansion with his father, it seems all, but inevitable.

Expect a bit of heartache from Hope and Liam in the near future and Douglas chooses to spend time with his father over, Hope the woman who has been the stable parent he’s needed since his mother died. I am simply going to say what I know everyone at home is thinking: the writer’s need to find a suitable story for Thomas Forrester, because he hasn’t had one sense his obsession with Hope that I do not see changing ANYTIME soon America, and I think we might be traveling down familiar territory once again.

FYI we saw the end of Rena Sofer as Quinn Fuller on the soap this week and it was a terrible send off for such a talented actress. “B&B” I expected so much better from you.