HOLLYWOOD—This is the route “The Bold and the Beautiful” writers are taking to redeem Sheila Carter and villainize Finn? I was not stunned to find out that Sheila Carter beat her charges, but how things are drastically about to change in the marriage for Steffy and Finn I am quite annoyed by. I mean Finn and Steffy have been a tight unit unlike any other.

I mean first he rescued her after that motorcycle crash. They bonded, they grew, their love flourished, and then marriage transpired. The bomb came that his birth mother was Sheila leaving EVERYONE flabbergasted. Sheila kicked off her shenanigans that culminated with her ‘killing’ Finn and almost murdering Steffy, before trying to kill Finn’s adoptive mother, Li. If that was NOT enough to make you despise someone, I don’t know what will.

Out of nowhere, the writers decide to unite Hope and Thomas, after all his dirty deeds and its having a brutal impact on something I think fans do not want to see. WE DO NOT WANT TO SEE LIAM AND STEFFY BACK TOGETHER! We have dealt with this merry-go-round for years and it is exhausting people. It was so riveting to watch Wyatt of all people, pinpoint exactly what Liam is doing and how the viewers are perceiving what is transpiring. He called it perfectly; Liam is trying to undermine Steffy’s marriage to Finn. Liam first secretly recorded Finn hugging Sheila, then later told Steffy without Finn knowing.

Liam should have come directly to Finn and confronted him. That is not the biggest kicker though, it is the fact that Sheila who just cannot stop stalking Steffy, Finn and their family was watching from afar while Kelly was swimming at the beach. He took a phone call and took his eyes off Kelly who began to struggle in the water, and here comes Sheila to rescue her. Yeah, the writers are trying to make Sheila appear like a hero further strengthening the bond between Finn and forcing Steffy to have a bit of gratitude for rescuing her daughter.

Nope, it is only backfiring as Steffy forbid Finn from seeing his birth mother, and he she has every right after all they have endured. I’m totally on this woman’s side people, but for her marriage to crumble this quickly, c’mon, if I know it just is not feasible as a viewer. I’m not buying what is being sold to me, and Finn being made to be the enemy is not working for me. I know Jacqueline MacInnes Wood will be going on paternity leave very soon, which means what do the writers plan to do with her character, with Sheila and with Finn?

I always thought Finn was underutilized as a character, and it feels like he is being ushered out of the show, which is so disappointing. I mean Sheila if she does leave “B&B” and she’s an iconic villainess, one of the greats on daytime TV and there is so much more chaos she can unleash. Her canoodling with Deacon is fun, but I need more people, lots more.

Brooke spilled the tea to Ridge that Hope slept with Thomas and his worry that Thomas might spiral or become obsessed again is coming to light. Yeah, all it takes is for Liam to have some medical crisis and I can immediately see Hope running to his side. Guess what? I feel like that might unfold, but guess what, it will not be at the hands of Sheila, it will be Finn that makes the move people. Brooke and Ridge are looking to tie the knot yet again, which prompts the question as to rather Taylor is about to vacate Los Angeles once again. Indeed some interesting developments on “B&B.”