HOLLYWOOD—Well, at last, at last the evil baddie on the ABC soap “General Hospital” is dead. After having the residents of Port Charles on edge, after escaping police custody, kidnapping Wiley, Devon and taking Sam McCall hostage on the Haunted Star, Shiloh Archer is DEAD! Yes, there was plenty of panic in PC as no one quite knew what Shiloh would do with Wiley in his possession, Devon caring for Wiley on the docks, via Peter with his wandering eye, and Sam in the fight for her life.

As usual, Jason came to Sam’s rescue, but it was ultimately Sam herself, who put Shiloh out of his misery by launching a flare gun into his back before he went tumbling into the waters. The Port Charles Police Department retrieved a body, and Wiley identified the perpetrator as Shiloh himself. So all is good right? Nope, that is because Sam has been arrested for Shiloh’s murder, which I’m still trying to figure out. This guy kidnapped her, and was holding her hostage, if anything this was self-defense. However, you cannot forget the level of stupidity with the Port Charles Police Department, Jordan Ashford and just believing any evidence that falls into their lap including a recording that just seems too suspect for my liking.

I’m serious if the writer’s attempt a twist with this storyline I’m going to be livid. Let this one end, bury it and move on to what we all want solved: Peter August receiving his comeuppance. Peter was being blackmailed by Shiloh and put a hit out on his threat. Not to mention we know he was INSTRUMENTAL in that attack on Dr. Andre Maddox, Drew Cain’s initial disappearance in Iraq and having an integral role in the Jason and Drew memory switch.

Peter has been good at covering his tracks, but he has indeed been sloppy America. How so? For starters, people are questioning why he was on the docks when baby Wiley was discovered. Robert is already watching him like a hawk, and with Anna back in town, you know she’ll be able to pinpoint if Peter is hiding something. I mean the guy finally has everything he wants and it’s about to blow up in his face big time because of the constant secrets he refuses to divulge. I would like to say I feel for Peter, but after the fallout from his last secret, if he doesn’t know any better, he deserves everything that is headed his way.

Another bomb is the fact that Elizabeth had Franco aka ‘Drew’ committed for his own good. Franco REALLY thinks he’s Drew, and the fact that he slept with Kim, Kim has spilled the tea to Julian is only the beginning. Julian severed ties with Kim after that bomb was dropped and as I teased before I can easily see Julian crossing back over to the dark side. If not, he will indeed return to Alexis, but I thought Alexis was busying canoodling with her therapist Neil. We could see an interesting love triangle brewing.

Speaking of love triangle, it looks like Sasha and Michael might be drifting, ever since she spilled the truth. Making matters worse is Sasha senses Michael’s strong attraction to Willow. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Michael and Willow need to be an item. Chase is just a place-filler, and as soon as the truth about Wiley belonging to Michael comes out it will be nothing more than a reality “GH” fans. You know chemistry when you see it.

However, at long last it seems the move to take down Valentin Cassadine is nearing its ugly head. Nina and Valentin are busy planning their wedding, which is very close to happening. Under his nose though, Jax, Curtis, Hayden and Laura are setting their plan in motion to locate the codicil that Mikkos and Helena hid granting the Cassadine fortune to a true heir, Spencer, and outing Valentin.

I really cannot wait until this blows up in Valentin’s face, but the blowback will be solely on Nina who will be devastated to learn about Valentin’s deception when it comes to Sasha not being his daughter. This is bad because Valentin will having nothing left to lose, which means he will be dangerous as hell, and out for blood in ways PC will never see coming and I’m all for it. November sweeps are less than a month away and I know this will be the tale of the hour America.