HOLLYWOOD—I was baffled where this cult storyline was headed on “General Hospital,” but as more layers get pulled we learn that Shiloh Archer is a dangerous fiend. This guy has charm, he is smooth and he oozes creepiness in a way we haven’t seen in daytime television in quite some time. He was ready to implement his next phase to bring Kristina deeper into the chaos.

Harmony flew into town, Kristina gave him that $10k and Krissy gave him information that could sink her family. Kristina was all in, but her sister Sam realized that something sinister was in play, just as Willow dropped more Intel to Chase and Michael about this special moment that Shiloh plans for members. In essence, you are drugged and raped by the cult leader. Sam was worried sick, Michael was on pins and needles and Jason and Sonny were ready to trounce.

Sam pulled one over Shiloh, which allowed Jason to swoop in and rescue, but kidnap Kristina. She was not pleased to say the least. However, with Sonny, Alexis, Neill, and so many others ready to help her reprogram her mind to leave Dawn of the Day behind, success should be golden. Shiloh and Harmony are in chaos because of concerns about Kristina’s whereabouts and that cup that has vanished. Yes, Jason had that cup tested for evidence, but Brad who has been charmed by Shiloh said no drugs were used, Hmm, I don’t buy that and suspect that Brad is now under Shiloh’s wings.

This latest turn of events is absolutely exposing Shiloh, and it is giving Willow Tait a meaty storyline to sink herself into. Why? There are rumors that Willow might be linked to Harmony and oh, what fun will that be when that truth comes to light. Speaking of Willow, she took her relationship with Chase to the next level, so these two are the next big thing on “GH,” but for some reason I cannot escape the fact that I think she belongs with Michael.

I guess we’ll have to wait for the big baby reveal involving Wiley to be exposed before the dynamics greatly change. Michael wants to use Willow as leverage to draw out Shiloh and to help Kristina, but the sweet one is on pins and needles with the thought of being drawn back into that dark place. With Chase playing hero, I’m not sure where this is headed. There was a major bomb dropped this week when Willow revealed to Michael not only is Shiloh the father of her child who died, but her child is very much alive!

This looks like the door is opening for Brad to be exposed for faking Jonah’s death and passing off Michael’s child as his and Lucas.’ It will also deliver heartbreak to Willow who is certain that Wiley is her son, now just imagine what Shiloh will do when he learns that little truth?

We have to talk about the issues involving Anna, who is now questioning if Robin is actually her daughter. Yes, Alex dropped a bomb that Anna may be digging in a place where she will be stunned when the truth comes out. We don’t actually know what Alex is alluding to, but I sense the secret or memory that Alex swapped with Anna is a major one. I would be stunned if we have all this chaos and nothing comes of it.

Robert is livid that his former flame is questioning if Robin is her daughter or not, just as it seems Finn is ready to propose to Anna. The crazy aspect is that Anna has not a clue what Finn is up to. I feel in some odd universe that the writers might be trying to reignite a flame with Robert and Anna. Anna did have a happy moment realizing that she is responsible for bringing Maxie and Peter closer. The duo finally gave into their feelings and shared a kiss and things almost got steamy inside Maxie’s apartment, but Peter’s guilt got the best of him. Why? He saw that picture of Nathan, the brother whose life could have been spared if he only spilled the truth.

This is all important because it seems the writers are ramping up a major reveal involving Valentin’s duplicity with Nina’s supposed ‘daughter,’ who everyone thinks is Sasha. Still don’t know how that DNA test Maxie ran showed the linkage, the only thing I can think is that Liesl pulled strings to hide the truth because Valentin and Sasha were stunned to learn about another test. Sasha is really starting to feel guilty, but Valentin is quite arrogant.

This is vital because he’s showing this to Peter, who suspects Valentin would deceive Nina with a fake daughter. Spencer also knows the guy who ‘murdered’ his father is harboring a secret, but he’s neutralized that with threats about exposing his election scheme. Laura picked up on the interaction and vocalized that Valentin stay clear of her grandson, just as Spencer clued Nina in on Valentin’s latest threat. With a wedding looming, I know for fact this secret is going to come to the surface and with the news now confirmed that the character of Nina is NOT going anywhere, she is being recast by Emmy-winner Cynthia Watros (stoked by that revelation). This might be the most anticipated secret I’m waiting to see exposed in the soap arena in quite some time.

Just when you thought Ryan Chamberlain was long gone, we have gotten clues that Ryan is lurking around Port Charles. Why? Authorities found his hand, but not the body. In the soap arena, that means someone is still very much alive. Felicia, Laura and Ava want to draw Ryan out to make him pay for his sins. No one wants vengeance more than Ava. The woman has gotten a gun and is ready to shot on site; too bad she has no idea that Ryan is lurking and waiting to strike when the moment is right. I mean the fact that Felicia noted to lure Ryan out with Ava getting cozy to another man is as dangerous as it gets. Ryan is a serial killer; the worst thing you can do is allow him to get jealous that opens the door for chaos unlike anything you can imagine.

I can already sense the three major things for May sweeps: Sasha’s secret is revealed, Ryan returns to town and Anna learns what memory Alex gave to her. There is also a major death looming, that will have the viewers grabbing tissues because it looks like Oscar’s final days are fast-approaching. This is leaving Kim, Drew and Josslyn torn, and I have no idea how this kids’ death will shake the town of Port Charles, but it will be a sad one. Oh, it looks like plenty of fun.