WOODLAND HILLS−On Sunday, August 30, Israeli American’s For Trump along with L.A. County GOP, and other Trump supporters participated in a Trump Rally in the form of a caravan with approximately 2,000 participants.

Bus Driver Participates In Caravan

According to the Jewish-Journal 600-700 hundred, of the participants were Israeli-Americans. Cars filled with Trump supporters lined up on Ventura Boulevard in Woodland Hills and finished at Jerry’s Famous Deli in Studio City, in Brad Sherman’s District (D-CA-30).

Trump supporters decked out their cars out with huge American flags, Israeli flags, and many different versions of Trump flags, including one flag that depicts President Trump as an action figure or superhero.

News reports indicate that the Los Angeles Police Department responded to calls of shots fired at the Trump Rally-Caravan on Ventura Boulevard near Chalk Hill Court of a potential shooter who witnesses relayed was shooting into the crowd.

L.A.P.D. reportedly had to shut down a section of Ventura Boulevard when three protesters were caught on video throwing bottles at participants. The S.W.A.T. team was called after the threesome barricaded themselves in a building and refused to come out.

Julie Haff relayed video footage captured clearly showing the suspects throwing bottles at the Trump supporters passing by has been turned over to LAPD.

“It was important for us to organize this because many of Trump’s supporters are afraid to show their support because we live in a city like L.A., which is known to be predominantly Democrat.  We also want to have people register to vote.  Many Republicans who live in the city believe that their votes don’t count, and don’t bother to register to vote, but each vote counts, and we wanted to encourage them to sign up,” Haff stated.

The disturbances at the event were reportedly not caused by anyone participating in the rally, but by counter-protesters. Trump’s opponent and former VP, Joe Biden publicly accused President Trump of “Stoking the Violence,” when speaking to a crowd in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

In response, President Trump points out in his own speeches that the out of control mobs and riots are happening in Democratic-run cities. President Trump indicates in nearly every speaking engagement that he [the President] is willing to call in the National Guard.

“The violence will be over in less than an hour,” the President promised at his August 31 press briefing at the White House.

As the November 3, Presidential election nears more and more Trump supporters that were once dubbed by media as, “The Silent Majority,” have been coming out to the recent rallies in support of the President.

The New Hampshire Trump Rally occurred one day after the Republican National Convention (RNC) at a hangar in Londonderry, N.H. on the grounds of the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport.

Mike Pence drew a crowd and added Trump-Pence endorsements from six Minnesota Mayors in Duluth, MN. This caravan in L.A., on August 30.

Massive Trump Boat parades have been advertised to take place across the U.S. over this Labor Day weekend.