HOLLYWOOD—I love the movie “Sing.” I thought it was absolutely hilarious and just a family, friendly fun time at the multiplex. I mean take popular songs and have them sung by animals is hilarious. Anytime you take animation and intertwine that with real-life pop culture it is always a recipe for a good time people. Well, we get that a second go around with “Sing 2” that sees all of our favorites from the first outing, Buster Moon, Rosita, Ash, Johnny, Meena and Gunter back for some more hijinks.

Buster Moon (voice of Matthew McConaughey) saw great success after the first film, but has been eagerly trying to get his act on the city of lights. It’s not Broadway, but the movie certainly gives off that vibe people. To get the chance of a lifetime he has to impress an entertainment mogul, Jimmy Crystal (voice of Bobby Cannavale), who has a daughter, with a talent that seems to be kept hidden.

Buster tells a white lie about having a relationship with Clay Calloway (voice of Bono), a retired rock star who has disappeared into the abyss. So now that Buster Moon has made that promise he has to deliver on it or face the embarrassment that comes with promising something you cannot deliver. In the midst of Buster Moon and company working around the clock to deliver an entertainment spectacle, lots of hilarious hijinks ensue with Rosita and her plenty of piglets, Meena (voice of Tori Kelly) who has a crush on another elephant, but is unsure how to approach the guy she is interested in. It’s quite simple; a ‘hello’ goes a long way people.

All of our core characters have struggles, Rosita is afraid of heights, Johnny has difficulty with choreography, Buster is afraid of failure, Porsha is afraid of upsetting her father and we have these characters taking a leap of faith hoping for success, but also coming to the realization that they could potentially fall flat on their face.

“Sing 2” does a stellar job of inviting all audiences in for the ride, not just the youngsters, but the adults as well. That happens all too often where you have animated movies that are more geared to adults, some geared directly for kids and some that find that perfect medium of being entertaining for both adults and children.

Have to admit the third act was a blast and the antics displayed by our core characters more than satisfied me as a viewer. “Sing 2” proves that “Sing” was not just a one-hit wonder. This flick has legs and I can see more sequels coming to the multiplex in the coming years.