HOLLYWOOD—I can’t believe how slow things have been on your favorite daytime soaps around the holidays.  We know things slow down around Christmas and New Year, but I never thought soaps would be almost non-existent.

If you look at “The Young and Restless,” not much is happening on the canvas.  Jack and Phyllis continue their ruse of relationship, knowing that Kelly is fuming hot, and Jack is on the fence about which woman he truly wants to be with. The biggest storyline sure to spill over into 2015 is the return of Adam Newman. Yep, Adam is back in Genoa City, alongside his ally Sage. There is just one slight problem, Jack knows about Adam’s identity and has yet to reveal that information?

Precisely what does Jack have planned, and what does Adam plan to do when the truth is revealed. Chelsea will not be a happy cookie, neither will Billy who is certain to want to unleash hell on the guy who is responsible for the death of his daughter.

Moving over to “Days of Our Lives” the big story is the multiple trysts between JJ and Eve. Yep, Paige’s loverboy has slept with her mom, not once, but twice! Imagine how Paige reacts when she learns the truth of betrayal from her mother and boyfriend. In other Salem news, Nicole is desperate to get the goods on Eric’s new flame Serena. There is just one problem, Melanie keeps catching her in the act. I would argue it’s just a matter of time before Nicole learns the secret Melanie is keeping.

She didn’t just return to Salem out of the blue, and trust me; Nicole will use that information to her advantage. I forgot to mention a new love triangle is shaking up Salem’s super couple Sonny and Will. The introduction of Paul is sure to cause waves. With Sonny trying to get over a past flame, it looks like Paul and Will might become an item. Imagine the fallout when the truth comes to the surface.

The one soap that is certainly bringing the drama is “The Bold and Beautiful.” It’s good that Hope has left town, the entire Liam, Wyatt and Hope love triangle was just becoming over-exhausted on the storyline front. The big hoopla is the scandal at Forrester Creations. Rick is determined to make his father Eric, his brother Ridge, and his wife Caroline pay for their betrayals. So will Rick get away with his master plan? Hmm, not if Ivy has anything to say about it!

She is the one person who has detail info on the secret relationship that Maya and Rick have been carrying on behind the scenes. Maya should be careful, she has her dreams set on happiness, but she might endure turmoil she didn’t expect. The couple that NO ONE expected to get back together, Katie and Bill, might be reuniting in 2015. Bill first had eyes for Katie, and then moved onto her sister Brooke, back to his flame Quinn, before obsessing over Brooke. Now that Brooke is untouchable, Bill is back to his one true love, but does Katie trust him?

Over on “General Hospital” the canvas has become quite crowded. With the return of Ric Lansing, Elizabeth’s love life has become even more complicated. First it was Nikolas, then she was developing feelings for Jake aka Jason, and now her former flame has come back to finish where they left off. While Elizabeth’s love life is complicated, so is Alexis. Now that she has totally sworn off Julian and rekindled her romance with Ned, it looks like Olivia and Julian will soon hook-up. I wonder how jealous Alexis and Ned will get when they learn about the tryst.

The relationship between Patrick and Sam is heating up, sorry this is just one coupling that doesn’t work in my opinion. We all know Robin is expected back on the Port Charles front soon, which means she’ll be revealing details about Jake’s true identity. How will that impact Sam and Elizabeth? Expect major waves! That same sentiment applies to Carly, who has no idea her newest bartender is her BFF in disguise.

While Sonny, Johnny and Franco spend time behind bars, the mob war is heating up in a way that screams MURDER! Jordan has infiltrated Julian’s organization, only to find herself busted.  Now with Sean as her protector, Duke is determined to test her loyalty, I have a feeling this means Jordan will have to go toe-to-toe with Anna. That is not going to bode well for Anna, Duke or Jordan.

While the soaps have slowed down for the end of 2014, I expect plenty of fireworks in 2015. “The Young and the Restless” and “The Bold and the Beautiful” airs weekdays on CBS. “Days of Our Lives” airs weekdays on NBC. “General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.