STUDIO CITY- Skin-Ology, a studio that provides skincare, massage, and waxing, faces difficulties during the COVID-19 pandemic as the studio was forced to temporarily shut the doors.

With no revenue coming in and available funds being depleted, the owner, Shelly Burbo, is seeking help through the fundraiser she organized on gofundme on April 16. Burbo has worked in the aesthetic industry for over 20 years. As a licensed Esthetician, Educator, and Spa Consultant, she provides various services such as skin cares, waxing, and massage to men, women, and teenagers. Since establishing Skin-Ology in 2004, Burbo said she has been recognized for her reputation of fine treatments, experience, and product knowledge.

“It’s been devastating. I’ve been up at night. You know, there are physical symptoms. It’s really emotional for me. And not knowing where I’m going to get help if I’m going to get help. It’s all just heartbreaking for me to think that I may have to go back to zero,” said Burbo, according to Spectrum News.

“I am seeking donations to help cover fixed costs and overhead to keep afloat until after I can re-open and get up to speed. UI, EIDL, and PPP were all applied to with no success due to ineligibility or available funds being depleted,” said Burbo.

“Shelley is amazing, not only does she provide the BEST personal care services, she’s a friend, therapist, and advisor every time I visit. We need to keep our small businesses run by truly kind and good people alive!” said Shana, a donor who left the comment on the fundraising page.