SANTA MONICA—After a threatening story appeared on the social media platform, Instagram, on Tuesday, September 1, the Santa Monica Police Chief Cynthia Renaud boosted the patrols of her officers, while asking “partners” to email, if they notice any suspicious activity.

According to Renaud, “We want to share that there will be a continued visible presence of SMPD officers in the community this evening given a threatening Instagram story shared in the last hour.”

She continued, “While the credibility of the Instagram story is not known, out of an abundance of caution, SMPD is responding with increased patrols.”

The content of the threat that was made on the social media platform hasn’t been revealed, as of yet.

This all came after Sheriff’s Deputies in South Los Angeles shot and killed 29-year-old African American cyclist Dijon Kizzee who was accused of running from officers, punching one of them in the face and dropping a bundle of clothes, which contained a gun.

After seeing the gun, officers killed Kizzee, opening fire on him with a number of shots.

This is all based on the account of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, whose officers weren’t wearing body cameras, because they aren’t required to.