HOLLYWOOD—I wondered just how long Sonny Corinthos and Nina Reeves would be able to keep their secret love affair in Nixon Falls on “General Hospital.” Now, let me be crystal clear, I am in no fashion rooting for a Sonny and Nina love affair in Port Charles, they have some chemistry, but it’s NOT as explosive as Sonny and Carly, but it feels like CarSon might be headed for a split and that is something I never expected.

Scott was concerned about Nina’s case, when Liesl dropped some tea about a relationship between Sonny and Nina in Nixon Falls that Scott planned to use in court and drop that bomb on Carly and the rest of the world. Here’s the problem, several people know about it, Willow being one of those people. I wonder how Michael will react to learning that his lover has kept a secret people. Michael is sure becoming an annoying character to say the least.

The guy is totting himself as some sort of righteous saint, and I am over it. He’s all up in arms about Brad being released and mingling with his aunt Selina. Sonny has warned his son to back off and let him handle the situation. I want to throw out an idea that I think would be interesting for a storyline. Could we have a relative, perhaps a long lost son of Claudia Zacchara show up in PC looking to avenge the death of his mother and target Michael and his family as a result? Just saying it would be interesting to say the least to see this mob war reignited and sins from Michael’s past come back and haunt him America.

Sonny and Nina just keep on running into each other and the awkward energy is being picked up by everyone people and I mean everyone. With that said, Phyllis sees it, Olivia sees it, Carly notices it, but why can’t she put her finger on the pulse? Perhaps it would force her to acknowledge that she moved on from Sonny with Jason when she realized he was dead.

I love this pairing between Chase and Brook Lynn; the chemistry between these two is so strong and they almost shared a kiss, but were interrupted. It feels like the writers might be toying with the idea of Chase and Willow reuniting, which would be a bummer because Chase and Brook Lynn are a much better fit. Everyone is throwing darts at Brook Lynn, but if they only knew she was doing everything to protect Maxie’s daughter Louise from Peter August, and she let it slip to Valentin who KNOWS there is more to Chase being Bailey’s father than what he first expected. I wonder what Valentin will do when this information comes to light about Bailey being Maxie’s child.

Speaking of Peter, he was poisoned in prison courtesy of Brad thru Sonny via Selina. So the threat of Peter seems mute at the moment, but the question you have to ask is how long will it actually last. There is more drama because Mayor Laura Collins is back in Port Charles FINALLY! She managed to save her brother Martin from death, after an attack they assumed was the result of Cyrus Renault. Laura your brother was telling the truth, someone is after you his name is Victor Cassadine, who has lured you back to PC. Hmm, we have no idea why Victor is doing this, but I am intrigued people.

Spencer seems also smitten by his uncle Victor, who Laura is sure to warn her grandson he is no saint, so we’re about to see some major narratives explode with Laura’s return people and I am excited for it, as we need that old school energy back on the soap opera people! There is also that drama involving Marshall and Curtis and Aunt Stella. Seems like Aunt Stella and Marshall know more how his supposed ‘death’ than what they are willing to tell Curtis. In addition, it was absolutely heartbreaking seeing Sasha and Brando bid farewell to Liam. Its always painful when a child dies in the soap arena, which “GH” seems to do with such angst and emotion that it haunts you. We know this will be a trying time for Sasha and Brando as a result.