UNITED STATES—Remember, just as you have the right to complain about people being labeled, I have the right to self-identify as retarded.

It’s a PROBLEM to me, that many people have more of a problem with labeling, than they do the creation of children retarded by family, or as society might prefer me terming: the parent programs the child with abuse and output of ‘limited functionality.’

Limited FUNCTIONALITY with my foot due to an adult CRUSHING it. Gastrointestinal issues I suspect come from IDIOTS letting me take part in hot pepper eating contests when I was in a high chair. I could go on…

Honestly though, I’ve told my own truths and I’m as sick as everyone else is of hearing it.

For some, I’m not sure if it’s me in particular they do not want to hear, or the reminder of abuse and its crippling lifelong effects that tugs on their own feelings of displeasing memories or even guilt.

A lot of abusers I have come in contact with have this “STUFF IT” mentality. They think that retardation is a switch you can turn on and off. As if we should just accept people thinking it is laziness that affects us instead of inability.

They try to convince you that by talking about it and not just forgetting it,  you are letting trauma and fear own you. You are letting trauma win.

The problem is that we know better now.

Trying to make us forget may be attempted by people who love us and legitimately want to try to take our mind away from it, but we also know it comes from the abusers during childhood, who kept us silent in order to keep their secrets.

This is why I TALK ABOUT ANYTHING I WANT and I’ve been growing increasingly annoyed by people and their admonishment of the word RETARD.

The word is my own personal ‘N’ word. I was called it by numerous people growing up, naturally, I grew to believe it. How dare someone tell me I can’t use the term if I want to?

Take a look at the difference in what we teach about the word retarded:

Merriam Webster’s online dictionary warns the word retarded is “sometimes offensive” and currently defined as: “slow or limited in intellectual or emotional development or academic progress.”

Yet, if we crack open 1966’s Grosset Webster Dictionary, they have no “retarded” but instead define retard as, “to slow down; delay; detain.”

To be fair, the full definition of “RETARD” on Merriam Webster online, is:

“to slow up especially by preventing or hindering advance or accomplishment:  impede” and “to delay academic progress by failure to promote.”

I have already written more than some want to read, about crippling parenting that retards children for life (Manmade disability, broken personality, broken psyche, ADHD, broken uterus, teaching paranoia, teaching racism, teaching to be a victim, do as I say not as I do, scapegoat parenting, bullying parenting, generational welfare) and I am going to keep writing in my attempt to remind the world about how people just like me are walking around, identifying as retarded because we are in fact, less than 100 percent.

LIMITED functionality. DELAYED during youth. Slowed down. Never able to run side by side with our peers. Stuck in a “differently-abled” status and LUCKY if we can find a job.

Basically, parents hide under the umbrella of CIVIL LIBERTIES to mentally and physically cripple, stealing the child’s CIVIL RIGHTS away. But that is another story.

We can’t have change until we admit making mistakes. Then we can learn from them instead of continuing to support those who keep “making mistakes.”

One could say that’s how alcohol goes from a chosen habit to a disease.

Countless people on social security because they are ruined for life, due to A CHOICE ONE HUMAN MAKES, in hindsight a bad one.

Parents, please do not cripple your children because of a bad choice.

Do not take your frustration, deviance, or hate out on a child, simply because they are the only one forced to stick around you. These things RETARD children.

In the end, I agree with GOD’S PSYCHOLOGIST (Joel Osteen): our youth has “enough to overcome as it is…”