HOLLYWOOD—Wow, soap fans are well aware that Bill Spencer can be ruthless on “The Bold and the Beautiful” when it comes to getting what he wants. However, I don’t think anyone ever, and I mean ever expected him to stoop so low. What am I alluding to is Bill’s plan to ensure that electrical fire at Spectra exploded to new heights. I mean if a fire transpired by coincidence, but for someone to intentionally put a plan in motion to not only destroy a building, but place the lives of people at risk to build a skyscraper. It’s an all-time low for Mr. Spencer.

Bill made it clear to Justin ‘to do what needs to be done’ to ensure Spectra is no more. We all know that Justin will stoop to unbelievable lows at the request of his master. I mean he nearly killed Ridge in that helicopter and I don’t think he ever faced any consequences for those actions.  Even Justin was skeptical about this latest plan, so with Liam letting his father know that Spectra has a future, he’d hope his dear ole dad would back off. Liam you know how persistent Bill can be when he wants something; I mean look what he did involving your relationship with Steffy, while dating Hope?

I’ve said it before I always root for Liam, when he stands up for the underdog; it shows the guy has a conscience and is not afraid to call a spade a spade. I mean Bill is already in hot water over that massive lie he dropped on Thomas about Caroline dying. So not only is Liam stuck keeping that secret, but finds himself flabbergasted with his father’s latest stunt. Liam normally keeps quiet on most things, but this one is a bit large and he might not be able to protect his father. Why?

Bill’s latest stunt has not only destroyed Spectra Fashions, but placed Sally in the hospital. Yeah, that is attempted murder people, so that raises the level of legal ramifications that Bill could face. The sight of seeing Mr. Dollar Bill himself in a slammer would be glorious TV and I suspect the writers are carefully mapping out the narrative for Bill’s world to explode come November sweeps.

You reap what you sew Bill Spencer, you reap what you sew.  This could be the thing that causes Brooke to open her eyes and realize that she needs to cut Bill and reunite with her one true love: Ridge! Liam was not happy with Bill, and laid into his father about his shenanigans involving the Spectra building going up in flames. At long last, someone called Bill out on his antics, and not a better person than flesh and blood people.

Sheila is still playing the damsel in distress to get closer to Eric after Quinn injured her with that iPad to the head. As a result, Eric requested the assistance of Dr. James Warwick to ensure that Sheila wasn’t playing him. Too bad James found himself immersed in his ex-wife’s scheme because she discovered his pill popping addiction.

While Sheila is on cloud nine, Quinn discovered her nemesis little secret, which raises the question of what will she do to get Eric to see the light? I mean these ladies have already traded spars, got into a physical altercation, and another verbal onslaught this week seems to be the catalyst for Quinn to implement a plan to take out a rival like she’s never seen before.

They ladies went at it once again, this time with Sheila gaining the upper hand. Quinn begged Eric to toss Sheila to the curb, which he did, and it led to a furious Sheila wanting vengeance. Quinn be careful, I could absolutely see Sheila going after someone she cares above, hence, her son Wyatt to get to her. So viewers are well aware Justin and Bill delivered the dagger to Spectra Fashions, and Liam knows the big secret. However, the question of the hour is what will Liam do? His morals and ethics always get the best of him, and I suspect no less from him, even when it comes to his father.