UNITED STATES—I am an adrenaline junkie and I like to think when it comes to trying new things I’m not afraid. Amusement parks are at the top of my list. However, I have come to the realization that either I am getting too old or I just am NOT a fan of carnival rides, in particular spinning rides. A recent outing to the local fair screamed to me that I HATE SPINNING RIDES! What was so frustrating was the fact that nearly every single ride at this fair had some format of spinning. There were literally only 2 rides that did not spin and the lines were just so long I refused to wait to get on them.

However, I get on the first spinning ride and I’m doing completely fine. I laughed I had a good time and loved the breeze that came with it. Got on another spinning ride and it was fun, exciting and I had a good time. Now I get on the third spinning ride and this one was a bit much. It was a ride that worked against gravity, spins you high into the air and the sky and now my head is starting to feel the pressure. Now I know you might be asking why in the hell are you still getting on these spinning rides?

Well my niece just loves such rides and it is sometimes difficult to say no to kids, but I wish I had. I think we were about to get on our sixth spinning ride and that is where I had to call it quits. Why? This ride started off fast and furious and my body was like no more. This was the first time that I can recall in a long time that I was about to puke on a ride and that has NEVER happened to me. Was it the result of me not eating? Perhaps or it could have been the fact that my body just had too much spinning and it was time for me to release that pressure.

So as you are reading this column, I think September 2022 was the month I finally came to the realization that I no longer will do spinning rides. They are not that fun in my personal opinion. Do you get a thrill? To a degree, but it never delivers the butterflies, adrenaline and scares that I get from a roller coaster. Why? I think every rollercoaster is different in its own way, spinning rides all tend to be the same. They simply spin and scatter your brain. While a rollercoaster can leave you on the edge of your seat literally, where the coaster can drop 50 feet, 75 feet, 100 feet, 150 feet, 200 feet, 250 feet, 300 feet or that mammoth, The Top Thrill Dragster at over 418 feet.

For those not in the know, the Top Thrill Dragster is officially closed permanently at the best amusement park in the country (yes I said it), Cedar Point. Yeah, it was a bummer to hear, but fans of the amusement park can expect the coaster to be replaced with something else and considering the amount of space the ride takes up in the park, it seems fitting another rollercoaster will be placed there. How it compares to the Top Thrill Dragster is still up for debate people.

When it comes to a thrill ride you want to feel that gut punch, you don’t want to be sick to your stomach. Most spinning rides give you a headache or tummy ache. At my age I’ve come to realize you just have to pick and choose your poison as people say.

Written By Jason Jones