MALIBU—For the upcoming General Municipal Elections in the city of Malibu, voters will see two seats on the City Council and “Measure MC,” a Transaction and Use Tax to support City services to the community, on the ballot. All information on the 2022 election will be posted and updated on the Malibu website at

City Council Candidates

The nomination period for candidates for City Council in Malibu’s 2022 General Municipal Election closed on August 17 at 5:30 p.m. Six candidates have qualified for inclusion on the ballot to fill the open seats. Councilmembers Karen Farrer and Mikke Pierson did not file to run for second terms. Per the random drawing conducted by the California Secretary of State Shirley N. Weber, the ballot order for the November 8 ballot to the city will be:

Marianne Riggins

Ryan Embree

Jimy Tallal

Bill Sampson

Doug Stewart

Hap Henry

Transaction and Use Tax (TUT) Measure MC

The City’s Transaction and Use Tax (TUT) Measure will appear on the ballot as “Measure MC,” as designated by the Los Angele County Registrar-Recorder’s/County Clerk’s Office.

The official ballot question for Measure MC is: “To support such city services as public safety, crime and fire prevention, addressing homelessness, keeping public areas safe and clean, preventing speeding and reckless driving, protecting coastal waters and beaches from pollution, preserving natural areas, supporting local businesses, and other general city services; shall a measure be adopted establishing a 1/2¢ transactions and use (sales) tax providing approximately $3,000,000 annually until ended by voters, requiring public spending disclosures and local control of funds?”

Malibu will be providing information to residents over the coming months to help them make an informed decision. For further questions contact the City Clerk at