HELLO AMERICA!─As usual America’s most talented artists eagerly come to the aid of those who need support in dealing with the current challenge of survival. During the World War II, stars such as Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Faye Ray, Jimmy Derante, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Diana Shore and tons of others flooded radio shows and theaters centering on national concerns of all America.

Ethan Bortnick, 18, is not only a gifted singer and pianist, but is an extraordinary composer. His recent appearance on PBS TV along with a full symphonic orchestra, 300 young gifted singers brought the audience to their feet exploding with praise. One of his songs “I Rise Up” was so emotionally overwhelming it was impossible to escape the words which reminded all of us that no matter the challenge. We in America have faced many low points but we have always managed to RISE UP to make things tolerable again.  IT IS WHO WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN AND WE ARE EVEN MORE SO NOW!

June Wilkinson has let it be known she has been considering several offers from independent producers to be featured in their respective films. The actress who is known for her various film and stage appearances has been the recent years in her Malibu home concentrating on her memoir capturing the wild and exciting adventures in Hollywood.

“Writing about my life in Hollywood beginning with the PLAYBOY centerfold is important,” she says. “But my life and career represent much more than that. Yes, I have known and dated some of the most powerful men in the world, but I always maintained boundaries of respect.”

My son, KAMEL, who is keeping his MASK on in ORAN, phones me daily about what is going on there. He is more aware of what is happening in America than many people residing here.  “American news is constantly on TV,” he noted. “People here in Oran are very concerned about your president and how he relates to other countries. It seems that he has very little sensitivity to average working class people. Therefore, the American election for the presidency in November is very important to most of the world!” Kamel stressed again how important it is for everyone to wear a MASK when among the general public.

MSNBC is very fortunate to have Rev. Al Sharpton aboard because he is a perfect connecting force in relating to millions of black and white Americans when it comes to unity. He handles himself extremely well on camera, he has also a smooth satisfying delivery that Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post should take note of. Let’s face it, some people who are gifted writers or columnist for newspapers, but should never attempt to deliver any kind of message when facing the camera. Robinson is a fantastic columnist for the Post but is upsetting when attempting to comment on national and international stories on camera. That is the bottom line, folks!