HOLLYWOOD—Last time we chatted another member of the DiMera clan lost his life on “Days of Our Lives.” That person was Jake DiMera, however, when you lose one DiMera you gain another. Stefan DiMera is alive thanks to mad scientist Dr. Rolf. Yes, Kristen got the goods on what Rolf has been up to for the past few years, because if I’m not mistaken Stefan has been ‘dead’ for at least 2-3 years right? So with that said, I still cannot understand how Rolf was able to keep Stefan alive without a beating heart.

I guess I am thinking way too much about this considering this is a soap opera and nothing is supposed to make sense America. Kristen knows the secret, but so does someone else, a person that I least expected and I’m trying to figure out the motive for Li Shin! Yes, the guy who is romancing Gabi Hernandez at the moment has been paying Rolf to keep Stefan alive. I don’t understand this because Li has to know Gabi is desperate to have another chance with Stefan and when she discovers he is very much alive, she will ditch Li with the snap of a finger and reunite with her one great love.

There has to be something big Li is after before allowing Rolf to waken Stefan from his lengthy sleep America. Speaking of romance it appears that Nicole is a bit jealous that Eric is attempting to move on with his life, now that Nicole is married to Rafe. Jada the new detective with the Salem Police Department has caught the eye of Eric and they have gone on their first date. Rafe is starting to realize that marrying Nicole might have been a mistake because her heart still longs for Eric Brady. However, at this point, I do not want to see Nicole and Eric back together, it is just a back and forth that has become beyond boring at this point. I will admit the chemistry between Jada and Eric is palatable people, so this could be a new super couple coming to Salem.

With that said, there is some drama to discuss with the latest Kiriakis to return back to Salem: Alex, Sonny’s brother. Victor is grateful to have his grandnephew back in the mix and is aware that he has a bigger angle at play than what he is letting on. Alex was responsible for cleaning up a mess that Sonny made with Titan and Victor at the moment is ok with Alex cleaning up that mess. What does this say to me? That Alex is looking to take of the reigns of Titan Enterprises from his brother, but I wonder how Sonny will respond when he finally realizes what is going on.

One thing that is for sure about Alex, he is indeed a womanizer and a far cry from the tormented Ben Weston that Robert Scott Wilson previously played on the soap. Maggie got an eyeful, and Alex has his eyes on several Salem women Chanel and Allie, little does he know both are taken. As for Lucas, he’s headed to the slammer for his role in Sami’s kidnapping people and Kate now have TWO sons who have committed heinous crimes.

As for the criminals getting a second chance at life, Kristen is NOT proving to turn over a new leaf. She is still scheming per usual this time attempting to get sole custody of her daughter Rachel from Brady. Whew that is going to be a fight people, one that will be damn intriguing to watch unfold. Gwen is proving she has not changed, and Jack is about to be devastated when he learns his daughter is still up to no good and looking more and more culpable in Abigail’s murder.

Please explain to the world why the hell you still have the Sarah mask that Kristen gave to Ava? Xander and Sarah are onto Gwen and know she had the mask, even though Leo, the idiot that he is, took the mask from the dumpster after Gwen discarded of it. And to think Xander still had a torch for Gwen, yeah that romance is long over people. Leo found himself in the hot seat after Thomas recalled seeing him in the DiMera tunnels and Chad was none too pleased to learn that Leo was inside his home the night Abigail was murdered. Good luck getting out of this one Leo because it looks like Clyde is about to expose you and you don’t have an alibi for what has unfolded, as it appears viewers are getting closer to figuring out who may have murdered Abigail. The more important question for me “Days of Our Lives” fans is the WHY?