HOLLYWOOD—It was a moment worth watching over and over and over again on the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful.” If you missed last week, you missed one hell of a week people. Steffy who was well aware that her grandfather, Eric was secretly seeing someone came face-to-face with that mystery person, who was none other than Quinn. Steffy was livid, shocked, and full of rage and she forbid Quinn from attaching her claws into her vulnerable granddad.

When Quinn did her best to reveal the true details of the relationship, our vixen Steffy, unleashed a slap across Quinn’s face leaving her stunned. I mean this is such good television people. Quinn is the villain you love to hate, and she has finally met an adversary who is NOT afraid to deliver a harsh dose of reality to her. Quinn, you’re crazy. She confronted Eric about the dalliance and demanded he end things immediately, which he did, but it’s obvious that Eric will hook back up with Quinn when they arrive back in Los Angeles.

Oh, Wyatt, Wyatt, you should be concerned, because this latest stunt from your mother is about to drive Steffy right back into the arms of Liam. In fact, it already happened as he professed his love to his former wife asking her to end her sham of a marriage to Wyatt and reunite with him. It’s interesting to see these brothers always fighting for the same woman. First, Hope, then Steffy and most recently Ivy, I mean wouldn’t it be great if they weren’t always battling for the same woman?

Rumor has it that Ivy is on her way back to Los Angeles, could she pick up the pieces to Wyatt’s broken heart. I mean it sure seemed like those two were destined to be together. Still trying to figure out why the hell Thomas was looking to hook-up with his cousin. If someone can explain that to me it would be greatly appreciated people.

Quinn is heartbroken for the moment, but it’s only a matter of time before she unleashes her latest scheme to get Eric back into her bed, while seeking vengeance on Steffy for taking her son Wyatt away from her. Trust me, an ultimatum is coming Wyatt’s way and how in the world do you cut off the woman who gave birth to you?

Speaking of Thomas, he seems to be in complete bliss knowing that his father Ridge and Caroline have called it quits on their marriage. I mean does this kid seriously think Caroline is about to just hop back into his arms? Nope, it ain’t happening so he should start to think otherwise. However, it looks like Ridge is getting reacquainted with Brooke, who is still hoping to repair her relationship with Katie in the midst of secretly seeing her husband Bill behind her back for the second time.

Not many people are happy with Quinn, and that could cause the mentally unstable lady to resort to some desperate measures to maintain her level of sanity as many people would call it. It is also looking like Julius and Sasha are still harboring bad blood between them. I mean the guy did fail to acknowledge his secret daughter for most of his life, and she may have found a champion in Thomas. Well, well, the playboy charms yet another lady. I wonder how Caroline, Maya and Nicole will feel about this possible relationship; some might be happy others might be furious to say the least.

Best be known, the wicked queen looks to have met her mess, and we all know Steffy Forrester is no push-over whatsoever. So if you make an enemy out of her, its war, and this woman is certain to always win both the battle and the war.