BEVERLY HILLS—Four of six paintings stolen from the home of a Maine businessman back in 2013 have been found in pawn shop in Beverly Hills known as “The Dina Collection,” made famous by the reality TV show “Beverly Hills Pawn.”

Aspiring rapper Oscar Roberts is said to have brought the stolen art to the store of Yossi Dina.
Aspiring rapper Oscar Roberts is said to have brought the stolen art to the pawn shop of Yossi Dina.

The stolen art was discovered thanks to the work of “Beverly Hills Pawn” reality star Yossi Dina, who claims he unknowingly obtained the stolen paintings from 37-year-old aspiring rapper Oscar Roberts.

Dina is said to have notified authorities after Roberts initially approached him. Dina bought the four paintings for at least $1 million in total. He also claims Roberts asked him to sell the art works at a reduced price to help them sell faster. Dina has not been charged with any crimes.

Roberts, 37, has already been sentenced to 28 months in federal prison for attempting to traffic the stolen artwork.

Massachusetts native Lawrence Estrella faces seven years in prison after pleading guilty to charges that he transported the four paintings to California. Dean Coroniti of North Hollywood will learn his fate in October after he plead guilty to having possessed the merchandise.

The recovery of these four paintings was made back in December. Two other paintings, known as “The Encounter on Freshwater Cliff” and “Go Dutton, and that Right Speedily” (pictured below), that were stolen in the same heist have yet to be recovered.

On Tuesday, August 18, the FBI held a press conference in Boston where they announced a $20,000 reward for anyone with information that could lead them to find the two paintings.

“Go Dutton, and that Right Speedily.”
“The Encounter on Freshwater Cliff.”

It is still unknown who is responsible for stealing the paintings from the home. The person of interest in that crime is actively being sought by the FBI.

The paintings are a part of an N.C. Wyeth collection and reported to be have been worth millions of dollars. The value of the paintings have diminished because they have sustained damage since they were last seen.