HOLLYWOOD—There have been plenty and I mean plenty of stunning moments on the AMC hit “The Walking Dead” either during the season premiere or season finale, but the mid-season finale for season 8 might go down as one of the most talked about moments in history. Why? MAJOR SPOILERS, STOP READING NOW IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED! Audiences were left aghast with the stunner that Carl was BITTEN by a walker!

There is a ton to unfold here, so let’s go back and start at the beginning. This week’s episode, ‘How It’s Gotta Be’ saw Rick blindsided by the massive walkers missing from the Sanctuary compound. Rick was literally shaken to the core; cue a flashback to Rick and Carl having a conversation about his decision to help that complete stranger who was in need of food and water. Hmm, this flashback seems like a foreshadowing of something bad people!

Rick, Jadis and the rest of the junksters arrived to gunfire being unleashed on them, but Carol came to his aide. I see it clearly now, Rick and Carol are desperate to get back to Alexandria and the Hilltop before Negan who has escaped the Sanctuary arrives to implement his vengeance. Aaron and Enid seemed to be on a mission to nowhere, but while camped out at an abandoned distillery, the duo ran into a bit of trouble, where Enid fatally shot the grandmother of Cindy. I was wondering when those ladies might return to the canvas, just as Jerry found his vehicle ambushed.

In Alexandria, all seemed to be peaceful with the return of Daryl. Rosita, Tara, Michonne, Daryl and Carl were taken aback with the unexpected arrival of Negan and his minions to their camp in the middle of the night. We’re only 18 minutes in and I’m on the edge of my seat America, just as we get our first scene of Maggie and Jesus hitting the road, and ugh there is a bit of déjà vu people: a tree in the middle of the road. Maggie was having a horrible flashback that led to Glen’s demise. The Hilltop was taken over by The Saviors, who planned to make the camp their new home. The Saviors pulled a truck in front of Maggie and held Jerry at gunpoint, just as Simon pushed his authority by demanding everyone’s weaponry.

Negan was ready to take Alexandria by storm, but Carl stepped up to the plate and I’m getting the chills yet again. Our big bad did not feel the bit remorseful for Carl and the kids who might become a body count. Carl was willing to sacrifice his life to save the others, and if “The Walking Dead” kills this character, there is going to be absolute uproar all over social media. Just when all seemed dire, garbage trucks infiltrated taking a bit of leverage away from Negan, as Dwight continued to play double agent. The hunt for Ezekiel is on, but I do not expect him to be located anytime soon, and blood is about to be spilled people.

Simon bragged to Maggie about the Hilltop, Alexandria and the Kingdom being taken over by the Saviors. Simon fired bullets killing Neil to prove a point, just as Maggie asked for that box to bury him. Should we be surprised that Eugene the coward is back at the Sanctuary camp, while all the others are fighting a battle that he could have halted? Well what do you know; Eugene ranted and ranted, before he decided to give a bit of leverage to Father Gabriel and the Hilltop resident doctor!

As Carl sought refuge, he realized that no place was safe as houses were exploding and the loud gunfire and explosions left the teen in a daze. Yes, Tara, Rosita and Daryl, you all made mistakes, if you allowed things to play out, we wouldn’t see the result that we’re seeing now. Daryl implemented a surprise attack, just as Dwight turned his back on his former allies, but not before being shot in the arm. Negan and his clan broke down the Alexandrian gate, as Carl hid in a sewer.

Under a guise, Ezekiel utilized gasoline to ignite one hell of a fire to send a message to the Saviors; he is not about to lie die without a fight. Yes! I thought this entire episode, the Saviors would cause bloodshed, but Carol returned to assist her pal, but he locked the gate preventing her aid. Maggie returned to the Hilltop and was not pleased with the choice she has to make. She decided to make a move against the Savior who tried to kill Jesus and blew his head off. Ok, Maggie is not messing around, and Jesus needs to shut up and fall into play. When you attempt to be noble there are indeed consequences. Daryl, Tara and Rosita wanted Dwight dead, and the fact that they discovered it was Eugene who helped the others escape, made their boil blood to say the least. Ezekiel found himself at the mercy of the Saviors, just as Morgan planned an unexpected attack. Dwight provided his condolences, but the mayhem was a bit much for Michonne to handle and she refused to leave, just as Rick returned home to find Negan ambush him with Lucille in tow. Negan swung his bat, but Rick fought back. He got tossed out a window, but not before grabbing that gun. Michonne stayed behind to fight, just as the lovers reunited.

She led Rick to where the others are hiding; in the sewers, however, Carl is still MIA people. Where the hell is Carl? This cannot end well people, it can’t. No, the final moment revealed that Carl had been bitten and is on the verge of changing into a walker. No, no, no! We have eight more episodes before season 8 wraps and ugh this is going to be heartbreaking America. Until February 2018 “Walking Dead” die-hards!