SANTA MONICA—President Donald Trump passed through the city of Santa Monica on Friday, April 5 on his way to a 2020 re-election campaign fundraiser. He was met with both support and opposition from residents.

Supporters and protestors of President Donald Trump were in a building across from Ocean Park Boulevard. Ten to fifthteen protestors on the second floor of the building held up signs with statements like, “Not My President,” and “Release the Mueller Report.” A small group of protestors located down the street on Centennial Avenue held signs that read, “Impeach the Fake President” and held signs with the hashtag “Release The Report.” The protestors booed, scoffed, and chanted “Lock him up,” as the President drove by.

Supporters located directly beneath the protestors in the building across from Ocean Park donned MAGA hats and held signs stating things like, “We love you” and “Thank You.”

In an interview with the Santa Monica Daily Press, a Trump supported named Karen said, “It gets uncomfortable here in Santa Monica, being conservative. This is the first time since he’s been elected that I can wear this hat.” Another supporter named Evan said, “This shows everyone that there are Trump supporters everywhere. Places you wouldn’t expect them.”

In 2016, the city of Santa Monica supported presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. According to the Los Angeles County Clerk Registrar Office, Clinton received 80 percent of vote in the city of Santa Monica. She received a higher percentage of the vote than former President Barack Obama during the 2012 election. In 2012, President Obama won the city of Santa Monica with a 76.2 percent vote.