HOLLYWOOD—Plenty has transpired on the ABC soap since May sweeps and that bombshell confession from Ava Jerome that she was responsible for that pill mix-up that led to the demise of Morgan Corinthos. Since that revelation, a ton, and I mean a ton of things have changed. Sonny and Carly have reconnected! Like this might be the biggest bombshell because these two were at one another’s throats, but they reunited to take down a common foe. Has the spark completely reignited, to a degree, but I’m certain more hiccups will be coming courtesy of Carly’s daughter, who is no fan of Sonny.

Ava has not had a good month people. In her tirade against Sonny and Carly, she started a fire that nearly led to her death. Now this is smart on the writer’s part because it allows a bit of redemption to Ms. Jerome. Why? She has a permanent scar for her devious misdeeds. Her face and body have been horribly burned. So much to the point that when she finally looked in that mirror she got a glimpse of herself that she never expected.

This woman has built plenty of sympathy, especially from her daughter Kiki who was so paralyzed after learning what her mother did to Morgan; a result of her mom trying to ensure her daughter was protected. However, Kiki is rebuilding that bond with her mother in the midst of utter chaos. So is Dr. Griffin, who believes redemption is possible for all people.

Speaking of protection, Valentin was seriously wounded while fighting to deactivate the Chimera and it led to the authorities arresting him as he did his best to disappear with his daughter Charlotte in tow. Unfortunately, he never expected to be caught, which only caused turmoil for Nina, Charlotte and Lulu. In comes Alex in her attempt to bail out Valentin, but it’s apparent she has ulterior motives that will be explained further down the line. Anna know Valentin is up to no good, but rather she is capable of stopping her sister and Valentin from threat is still up in the air.

What a surprise to see Spencer Cassadine back in the mix, which makes me wonder if we could soon see the return of Nikolas Cassadine. I mean Nikolas’ return could have so many ripple effects and bring so much unexpected drama to Port Charles; one can only hope a possible return of the character is coming in the near future. The Jordan and Curtis love-match has proved quite complicated for his Aunt Stella who wards ill feelings to the woman that tore her family apart. Unfortunately, Stella has no idea that T.J. is actually Shawn’s son and not her beloved nephew.

Now the biggest tale of the hour people is the sudden change in behavior from Sam Morgan. She hasn’t been herself lately; she has been hearing voices, hallucinations and is beginning to worry about her sanity. I mean she was found by Jason scouring in a corner, she is worried that her lover might leave her yet again, this time for good, and we have to talk about that moment of her holding that butcher knife while Jason slept. I’m suspecting that Sam might be suffering from PTSD and if she doesn’t seek treatment soon, I fear something violent will transpire at the mercy of a woman who has been through the ringer in recent year’s people.

So with June coming to an end, the big question of the hour is what drama will transpire for the month of July that begins to lead to DNA that will culminate in November sweeps?