HOLLYWOOD—I can officially say last week’s episode of “Survivor” delivered an actual blindside as Hai had no idea he was about to be booted from the game. Sometimes people love to utilize the word blindside when it’s not an actual blindside. This week’s episode, ‘Battle Royale’ was another fun one as Mike and Romeo were giddy about Hai getting the boot. Lindsay and Drea chatted about what move to make now that their amulet is now a steal a vote with two of them remaining, however, with just one it becomes a hidden immunity idol people.

Maryanne and Romeo chatted about them being underdogs and letting the threats take out one another. However, Drea, Jonathan, Omar, Lindsay and Mike thought they were a solid five and should just go after the obvious two (Maryanne and Romeo). So everyone was annoyed with Romeo who was doing little to nothing at the camp, but eating rice. Hmm, Mike was hoping to make Drea feel comfortable as he wanted to target her, and Omar was not trusting Mike.

Jonathan felt a bit fatigued and out of energy, but became a bit snappy at Drea and the others as they were hoping he as a fisherman could help us out. Lindsay also picked up on that energy and she did not like that and she wanted a move to take out the muscle and ensure he does NOT win immunity people. Time for the Immunity Challenge with a twist, the first person to fall off would have to play the Do or Die Twist. Ugh, just like last year, if you lose you’re out. I don’t like this twist; it’s too powerful and unfair in my opinion.

Only Jonathan and Lindsay choose to play, which means the person who is expected to be the biggest threat is likely going to win immunity people. Well Drea, Maryanne and Mike can play their idols saving themselves if they are smart, meaning, Omar, Romeo and one of Lindsay or Jonathan could be voted out. Jonathan was indeed struggling people, but it was Lindsay who ultimately fell first and Jonathan was safe people. This could be an intriguing Tribal Council people as Jonathan is looking at Lindsay getting the boot. So Drea or Lindsay those look like the targets, but I would hate to see her go out with all those advantages. Drea did pick up on some odd energy that should TELL HER SHE IS IN MASSIVE DANGER and you need to play your idol. Dammit Drea, why would you tell Omar that, he might blindside you in the worst possible way. Drea started to plot against Mike with Romeo, just as Omar shared with Lindsay as I expected so people are about to be blindsided, but if you tell Mike, Drea will KNOW and she still has an idol people so she will know something is up people.

Yeah, this is literally one of the best episodes since the premiere people; I loved the strategy here left and right. The Tribal Council started off slow, but tension picked up with Jeff noting the Do or Die Twist could totally shape this game in a ton of ways. Drea made it clear she has been watching people, who think they have been coy, but not quite. Time for Lindsay to play the game and she chose the middle box, and Jeff revealed one box as a skull and then the opportunity to swap, but she decided not to do so people. It resulted in a flame and she was safe. Sorry, I still do NOT like this twist people, and now we have a vote and this is about to be utter chaos.

Drea revealed her Knowledge is Power twist and asked Mike if he had an idol, and he revealed no, which meant Omar told Mike and took his idol as a precaution ! So Drea knew that Omar spilled her secret, why would she NOT play her idol that is so idiotic people and she spilled some tea on her opponents, while throwing Omar under the bus people. She went out like a champ people, but when you discover you’ve been stabbed in the back, if you have an advantage or idol, to all future players you play it. This exit hurt people, but we’re down to our final six so the end is near people. Until next Wednesday “Survivor” fanatics!