HOLLYWOOD—It has been drag if I’m honest for the latest season of “Survivor.” This 43rd installment has not delivered the most exciting TV. No idols were played until the final 6 that might have been one of the best episodes of the season that is not saying a lot people. However, after weeks of waiting and waiting, a winner was crowned and it may not have been who you thought or who you think deserved to win the game.

If I’m looking at the contenders for victory Jesse, Karla and Cassidy are at the top of my list (Jesse #1, Karla #2, Cassidy #3). Cassidy hasn’t made any flashy moves, whereas Jesse and Karla have done strategic things. Gabler would have to argue a strong case and the same for Owen, who isn’t the underdog that he thinks. Jesse has that idol that may get him to the final four, but if he doesn’t win that Immunity Challenge he’s making fire and that’s how I can see him getting taken out the game.

‘Snap Some Necks and Cash Some Checks’ that was the title of the finale episode, which seems fitting to be honest, and this game is known for having advantages, where the finalists had to solve a word scramble to search for the item. Cassidy is so after Karla, but she needs to open her eyes that Jesse is her biggest threat to win the game. Karla was the first to solve the word puzzle and she started to dart for the advantage, which worried Owen and all the others.

Cassidy, Gabler and Jesse were struggling to solve the clue. Owen found a knotted tree, and they both were at the location at the same time, but it was Karla who nabbed it. YES! I so wanted Karla to have that advantage people and seeing Owen pissed yet again was hilarious and fun to watch. Dude you lost, get over it, he comes across as a sore loser. Karla has a slight advantage in the upcoming Immunity Challenge. This victory comes with not only safety for the final four, but a feast of food. Some advantage Karla has a portion of her puzzle pieces already on the table. I thought they would allow her to skip a portion of the obstacle course which involved maneuvering a buoy through a rope.

I swear I wish Jeff Probst would SHUT UP during the challenges! Let the players focus we can see what is going on, stop trying to be the narrator all the time. It’s more frustrating hearing him talk nonstop without a breather. Karla had a decent lead, as Owen worked hard to gain some leverage. Karla was first on the puzzle, followed by Owen. Great, Owen solved the puzzle winning immunity, bust as I noted before Owen just isn’t giving winner’s edit for me. Owen chose Cassidy as his plus one, but she is not realizing Jesse is the bigger threat.

It is a bit of jealously on Cassidy to take out Karla, which is quite stupid. Something tells me this target Karla is not going to be that easy, and I’ll be honest seeing Cassidy and Owen blindsided at the final five would be glorious TV considering how dismal this season has been so far. Gabler felt he was breaking down in the game and I started to get worried because that was not a great sign people.

Jesse and Karla realized they needed to flip things in some way to get to the end. Jesse is safe with his idol, but he was concerned how he gets to the end, especially if he has to make fire at the final four. Karla wanted to paint a target on Jesse, not realizing Jesse was trying to save her game in the process. Gabler seemed aloof, and then realized that Cassidy and Owen are the stronger players to win challenges, but I don’t think he realizes the danger of going to the end with those two, but it’s quite smart.

Karla pushed Jesse to Gabler, and then turned that attention to Owen and Cassidy. The fact that Owen teased as a zero vote finalist, might be hinting that he is the zero vote finalist. Cassidy has a bit of a chip on her shoulder and girl, Jesse did play a better game then you and Cassidy was not happy to hear it. However, Karla was telling the truth, Cassidy you did nothing in the pre-merge, so you better have a solid argument if you get to the final three. Jesse is realizing that targeting Cassidy is better for his game to get to the end and he’s not wrong. Take out Cassidy and you increase your odds of winning the game.

This Final Five Tribal Council would it deliver more fireworks as Jesse and Karla went to war. She highlighted Jesse’s gameplay and realized that move was all his. And out of nowhere Jesse pulled out Jeanine’s idol and left everyone flabbergasted including the jury. Yeah, it was another move that make Jesse look like the best player of the game.

Cassidy didn’t like that Karla was playing the game and Jesse and Karla decided to have an epic chat to play the game and consider taking out Cassidy. So we’re hearing whispers and I love this chaos people it is long overdue and I am ecstatic for once. The jury was impressed, gosh why could we NOT have this chaos throughout the season. Jesse played his idol for himself as the votes were read. Jesse was targeted, but it was ultimately Karla who saw her game come to an end.

Jesse has to win this game, if he doesn’t I will be thoroughly disappointed. Wow, we went immediately from the Final Five TC to the Final Four Immunity Challenge, which was something different for a change people. I like this challenge people it is about patience and having a steady hand.

I will admit I don’t love the fire making the more I think about it, it has completely changed the structure of the game and that needs to be fixed people. Gabler, Cassidy and Owen all were within reach, but I know it’s not going to be that easy, as Jesse was slow and steady, just as Gabler suffered a fall, as Cassidy took the lead after all of Owen’s bowls dropped and all Cassidy had to do was take her time and she inched her third immunity win.

It is never fun to see the person you want to win to be on the outs and having to make fire to ensure he makes it to the final three. Jesse realized that putting that bug in Cassidy’s ear that she can only win if she goes against him in fire, which is possible, I don’t know. Jesse’s story just resonates as a viewer; you know he’s fighting for a bigger purpose: his family, his kids. No one else has that story that Jesse has.

Gabler was confident he could defeat Jesse in fire making, and Cassidy got a bit worried as Gabler continued to note he was not feeling well and I’m worried will we see an evacuation people. I will be honest a Gabler, Cassidy and Owen final three would absolutely suck, especially after seeing Karla and Jesse, who played so hard be sniped right at the end.

Jesse brought up his strategy at the Tribal Council and Cassidy was forced to almost consider the fact that her game is not as strong as she thinks. Gabler wanted to make fire and Owen also argued that same sentiment. Cassidy of course forced Jesse to make fire, and took Owen to the final three, forcing Gabler to make fire. The tension of the fire making is not as fun as the producers seem to think. Gabler had a strong lead over Jesse, but the underdog was able to reignite his fire was just stronger, and just like that the best player in the game was taken out and it was apparent the jury was not pleased with the result and Jesse’s emotions got the best of him.

Jesse should have won this game period, I’m sorry I cannot be satisfied with either Cassidy, Owen or Gabler as the winner of “Survivor 43.” Owen I don’t see as an underdog so that story that he’s trying to sell I’m not buying. Gabler is winning points with the jury for his under the radar game and flippant moves. Cassidy you were on the wrong side of the vote when there was a move to take out the one of the boys after all the women were targeted. So the Final Tribal Council is underway and it is time to argue your case. Noelle kicked off the questions asking Gabler, Cassidy and Owen to explain their game being different from the others. Gabler argued a very valid point of his strategy and it was convincing. Cassidy’s argument was not convincing nor was Owen’s. Noelle what the hell are you doing? James is posing the question, not you, jeez, you had your chance. Karla asked Cassidy the pre-merge move she made to propel her into the merge.

Honestly, Gabler is killing it with this jury Q/A, and he is winning major kudos people. Noelle pointed out Cassidy not making the move to take out Jesse versus Gabler who made fire. I cannot see Owen getting any votes; he’s singing the same story and it’s boring. Mistakes being made, Gabler admitted his poor strategy of putting himself on the platter almost cost him the game. Cassidy was forced to admit she made a mistake with how she spoke to Karla before she was voted out.

Jesse dropped major bombs about his education and asked that final question about persuasion and Gabler had the strongest argument of getting something done. Cassidy didn’t make the Ryan vote out move and she had a bit of egg on her face, when Jesse, Cody and Gabler pointed out she would have been booted if James was not on the jury. Not good Cassidy and Owen could acknowledge a specific move of persuasion to get someone voted out.

It feels like this is a battle between Cassidy and Gabler and I cannot believe Gabler pleaded his case so well to the jury. It was near perfection as he skewered his opponents. Just like that Gabler is crowned the winner of “Survivor 43” which stunned both Cassidy and Owen people. I don’t think those two expected Gabler to win the game. Wow, Gabler won 7-1, I didn’t see that transpiring people. He is donating the entire win to charity, epic.  For a season not that exciting I guess it’s a fitting end people, hoping that “Survivor 44” delivers way more fireworks than this one.