HOLLYWOOD—Soap fans were delivered two bombshells this week on “The Bold and the Beautiful” and “General Hospital.” You might be asking who delivered on the reveal, hands down “B&B.” There is something about “GH” where they drag their feet on big reveals and when it finally comes to light the reveal feels like a small sizzle. For starters, the audience has known for weeks that Sheila Carter was alive and roaming around Los Angeles in a mask.

The notion of her being mauled to death by a bear was too convenient and just made no sense. The characters on “B&B” were just too stupid to see it. Thankfully, Finn realized what was going on and did a bit more digging and realized that his mother cut her toe off. The news was spread to everyone at Forrester Creations, just as Deacon was cornered by Steffy and Finn. Guilty much, because his body language and answers pretty much screamed he knew Sheila was alive.

However, that was not the bomb, it was Sheila coming face-to-face with Steffy at the same restaurant where she shot and ‘killed’ Finn and nearly killed Steffy months earlier. Sheila was just too damn comfortable and stupid. Really? Why the hell would you wear sandals with a toe missing that Steffy easily spotted when she accidently spilled that drink on you. Please make it make sense because I cannot understand it, but the truth is now out and the hunt for Sheila Carter is on and Deacon is doing all in his power to cover his tracks, and committing crimes along the way, but his exposure is likely imminent people.

Now back at “GH,” the big reveal was the audience finally discovering who was Esme Prince’s mother and guess what it is not Felicia Scorpio, it is Heather Webber. Really? This had to be the biggest let down in my opinion because I think the writers were lazy or had no idea how to explain that flashback that the audience saw months ago with Ryan recalling Esme’s mother and we saw an image of Felicia. That is just sloppy writing there to hint one thing to the viewers and to flip it and give us something else, that just doesn’t add up to be honest.

This reveal was a major disappointment for me because Heather and Ryan having a child together seemed to come out of left field. I do enjoy the notion of two psychopaths getting ready to cause havoc in Port Charles and it makes one worried for Ava, Nikolas, Portia, Curtis, Trina, Cameron, Josslyn, Spencer and Elizabeth. One psychopath is bad, but two working together that is scary. This makes me wonder, exactly who is The Hook? It is not Esme, it is not Heather, it is not Ryan, so who is this culprit and will the reveal be a wow factor or a fizzle.

At this point, the writers have no idea who the mysterious culprit is and if this so called motive does not align with the reveal it is saying a lot to viewers that things are not as sharp at “General Hospital” as I had hoped. Perhaps, “GH” can take some tips from “B&B.” For starters, STOP DRAGGING STORYLINES! That damn Willow is actually Nina’s daughter has been dragging on for over a damn year, before that we had to wait years for the reveal that Nelle was her daughter, only for Nelle to die before the bomb came to light.

Soap operas are known for dragging big reveals, sometimes longer than needed, however, “The Bold and Beautiful” is proving you don’t have to drag forever and can have a bigger impact if you feel sooner than later. “General Hospital” is still struggling to figure that out with reveals that don’t blow your mind, but leave you scratching your head and saying, “Really?!”