HOLLYWOOD—Vesi made the move last week to remove a weak player from the board on “Survivor 43” with Nneke getting the boot. This week’s episode, ‘Show No Mercy’ witnessed Cody and Jesse coming to grips that Nneke was loyal to them, but Noelle has more power than people know with her steal a vote and aligning with Dwight gives them a majority vote.

Back at Baka, Owen was showing compassion to his tribe mates by using palm trees as a blanket. Hmm, it seems tension is building between Gabler and Elie. Elie is annoying people. I am sorry, she just is and it looks like Gabler and Elie have one another in their sights.

I know we’re not having an Immunity Challenge within the first 5 minutes of the episode, and we don’t it’s a reward challenge. This is an interesting challenge that allows the winning tribe to go back to the camp of any of the other two tribes and steal one item of their choosing. Hmm, this could cause some major tension people. Cody was doing an exceptional job, where it was apparent that Ryan was not performing well for Coco. Wow, Vesi was the tribe who earned the victory people.

Vesi earned 10 fresh fish, they can take anything of essential to their camp life people, and it looked like Coco was going to be the target and Cody wanted to go for the jugular. Considering he’s a wildcard he could do anything. Cody was clear he wanted the machete, and that was something that rubbed James, Cassidy and Lindsay the wrong way. It became a game of bartering because they did NOT want their machete to be taken. Karla was no fan of Cody, and they lost their fishing gear and few other things. Karla you hit it right on the nail, you got hoodwinked.

The Immunity Challenge was one between Baka and Vesi and Gabler was getting on his tribes nerves talking too much. Ugh, looks like Vesi is falling behind, but found a way to get back into the battle and was first to win immunity people, with Baka and Coco fighting it out. Wow, Noelle was helping Baka, this is crazy! It looks like these two tribes are aligning to take out the dominant tribe. I truly think that could hurt Vesi later in the game people, in particular Noelle. Lindsay said to the heavens, she has people she wants to get a bit of revenge on, but she will need to make it to the merge to make those moves people.

This is going to be fun to see because with all due respect I have no idea who could be heading home on the Coco tribe. Various groupings can determine how and who goes home this week. Karla I think could be a determining factor because she has an idol people and everyone thinks she’s aligned. I feel like Geo, Cassidy, Ryan and Lindsay could be in trouble. Geo spilled to Karla that he wants Cassidy out, but I think Karla might want Geo out of the game. Yeah, Geo and Cassidy don’t like one another and it looks like the women are after Geo and the guys are after Cassidy.

James was in agreement with taking out Geo and Lindsay wanted to be quiet and she realized things are not as easy as it seems. Good to think that way Lindsay because it is never that easy. Her paranoia is getting to her. Lindsay what is going on with you; you’re spiraling for no reason and its scaring your allies! James tried his best to reassure Lindsay that she is safe. Karla and James realized that they are swing votes and Lindsay’s behavior worried them to the core. I’m starting to consider the fact that Lindsay’s confessional might have been a predictor that she could be the boot people.

I’m excited for Tribal Council people. Jeff seemed more excited to see Coco at TC than they were. So let’s get the fireworks underway people. Lindsay started to spiral again at TC people and Ryan admitted that he was slightly cold to Lindsay, but her attitude was not the best people. Geo made it clear as long as the vote was not against him he was happy. Geo you could be in major trouble buddy. Geo was smart to say everyone should be nervous. I absolutely can see Karla in the final three.

She is calm cool and collected, but Cassidy was so quiet it was almost a bad thing in my opinion, but she eventually started to chat, just as James seemed to focus on keeping everything at ease; the calm before the storm people. I don’t know where this vote is headed people and that is the fun element of “Survivor.” So the votes are revealed and Cassidy, Geo and Lindsay were the first 3 votes read, and wow, out of nowhere it was Lindsay who was sent packing.

I knew when she made that confessional about the revenge at the merge; it was a sign she was going to be out. Cassidy and Geo were stunned by the vote people so it looks like they are in the dark about what unfolded, cannot wait to see what happens next week “Survivor 43” fanatics!