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“Survivor 43” Recap: ‘Stop With All The Niceness’

HOLLYWOOD—Ok, this is fun people we’re seeing the aftermath of the chaos of the vote of Coco, with “Survivor 43.” This week’s episode, ‘Stop...

“Survivor 43” Recap: ‘Show No Mercy’

HOLLYWOOD—Vesi made the move last week to remove a weak player from the board on “Survivor 43” with Nneke getting the boot. This week’s...

“Survivor 43” Recap: ‘Lovable Curmudgeon’

HOLLYWOOD—Well talk about the aftermath of that vote in “Survivor 43” as Owen apologized at the fact that his name was considered. Dude, this...

“Survivor” Kicks Off Season 43!

HOLLYWOOD—I have been doing my best to stay away from potential spoilers for the upcoming season of “Survivor” which kicked off its 43rd season...
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