HOLLYWOOD—It has all come down to this, the finale of season 45 of “Survivor.” Hate to say it, this season started off with the quits and then got good, then it became a bit of a steamroll that lost its luster for me. We go into the finale with our final five on a new island, and an advantage in play per usual. Sometimes “Survivor” shoots itself in the foot with the constant twists that are delivered.

Jake, Katurah and Julie were well aware that Austin and Dee are a tight duo that can’t be separated. I mean hello, Dee blindsided Austin after he saved Julie, and he was not mad at her. Dude, are you playing for a million dollars or for love? I think he’s playing for love, which is an absolute bummer.

So, the advantage is one where you had to count the numbers of three sets of items, with everyone running around like chickens with their heads cut off. It was nice to see Jake win the advantage in the upcoming Immunity Challenge, and he just remembered some “Survivor” winners, J.T., Denise and Gabler. Not sure if I’d call Gabler a legend, he was a winner people. This Immunity Challenge looks brutal and comes with a hearty steak dinner, where Jake’s advantage is that he has two numbers already in his sandbags. Sometimes I just wish they stop with the advantages, they are unnecessary.

Austin won immunity and if ONLY Jake had looked over, he would have won this challenge. It was a brutal blow to Jake, but Austin was excited, and the viewers at home already know what is going to happen; Dee is going with him on this.  No, no, no, Austin delivered a curveball and took Jake on the reward. Maybe her blindsiding him may have been a crack in the relationship. Katurah wanted to take out Dee, but Julie wasn’t sold on that idea. Julie’s loyalty is not going to win you any points with the jury buddy, I’m sorry it won’t.

Austin was looking for Jake to spill and without any hesitation he spilled to Austin he had the idol. I kind of wish Jake would have kept that to himself. His goal was to take out Julie because he didn’t see Katurah as a threat, Austin is planning to use this against Jake. So Austin spilled to Dee and then the move has to switch to Katurah. Jake than spilled to Katurah that he has an idol. Katurah had a very compelling argument to take out Dee which Jake started to realize it might be a great move if he does it right. Jake’s intuition is great, as he realizes that Katurah could be in serious danger and he might need to play his idol on her. Julie doesn’t believe Jake has an idol, but Julie oh, he does have an idol. Austin is considering taking a shot at Julie because he sees her as a bigger threat. The person I know who is not going home at this Tribal Council is Austin, but Dee, Katurah, Julie and even Jake could be in contention.

I hate to say this, but this might be the MOST INTERESTING TRIBAL COUNCIL the entire game since Sabiyah was blindsided. Jake pulled out his idol and he decided to play his idol on Katurah, and the jury seem impressed with the Jake’s move, looks like everyone got a vote, and Julie got voted out after Katurah switched her vote, and Dee could have been out of the game.  Jake was not pleased. Katurah, seriously that is the second bad move you’ve made this season. She is the most frustrating player because she wanted to make the move to take out Dee and had Jake swear he was going to make the move and she still didn’t make the move.

Jake was pissed and he called her out in front of Austin and Julie. I’m happy Jake called her out; it was brutal that Jake is trying to make moves and it is constantly Katurah undermining him. Jake should have told Katurah he was going to use his idol on her, but it was a bad move it might have cost her the game. The final Immunity Challenge between the four was one of balance and patience.

Jeff Probst is a bit of a jerk. I’m seriously over him and I wish someone else could take over hosting duties. The way he talked to Jake in that challenge was just unnecessary and rude. Jake being booted because he broke the challenge while trying to gather his pieces. Yeah, this finale is so dull people. There is no excitement or suspense at all here, as Dee won the power.

Jake wanted to go into fire to prove that he has made some sort of move in the game. Seeing Jake breakdown was brutal, but I could understand his reasoning. Austin realized that going into fire gives him a flashy move to the jury, and Austin is right. If you get dragged to the end, you’re going to look like a goat (and not for the right reasons buddy). Yeah, it is looking like Jake is struggling a bit. Austin decided to help Jake in his mission to build his fire. Austin might get his wish to go into fire to take out Katurah, and what if Katurah actually takes Austin out. That would be fun to witness.

The Final Four Fire Making saw Katurah deliver a compelling argument, but Emily’s reaction said a ton to me, so Dee chose Austin to go to the final three and we have Jake and Katurah making fire to secure their spot in the final three. Jake’s fire was sturdy, but Katurah was having trouble, she ignited the fire, but she could not keep that fire strong compared to Jake. There has been no tension this entire episode, the fact that people don’t realize Katurah is actually a lawyer is going to be funny when she shares that detail, and she did, and people got an amazing reaction as a result.

I don’t think Austin has a chance in hell with the jury to win this game and seems nearly invisible. Kaleb could be a contender, while Kellie realized Dee’s social game was quite strong. Yeah, the jury is just chatting to try to give the viewer the perspective that anyone can win. Please just get to the final TC already because this is just boring. This new era of constantly trying to showcase how the jury might vote ala “Big Brother” isn’t working for me. Kendra’s question proved that Jake is a teddy bear at heart, and he pushed through his ultimate lows. Kendra’s question was pointless. Katurah’s question was about fear, where Austin and Dee’s answers were generic, but Jake has a bit more heart with his honesty.

Drew’s question about Reba was pointless to me, seeing Dee and Austin battle it out was impressive. Austin is actually impressive here with his arguments to strengthen his tribe and never having a vote cast against him during the entire game, as Dee pushed back. Kellie had a question that was potent of Austin’s use of his advantages. Dee argued she made a move that was strategically to her endgame.

Jake gave a solid answer to his reason why he didn’t tell Katurah that he planned to use the idol on her without telling her. Dee just won the game when she spilled to Austin she told Julie she was about to be voted out. That TC was a dud. Jeff really needs to stop hyping up how great the season is going to be. There were some interesting votes to begin with Dee and Austin earning at least two votes. Dee won the season by a vote of 5-3, and I’m ready for “Survivor 46” people. This season didn’t deliver the punch I wanted to see.