HOLLYWOOD—Last week the Reba tribe went to Tribal Council on “Survivor 45” and we had another quit. This week’s episode, ‘I Don’t Want to be the Worm’ saw the aftermath of that TC which saw Sifu questioning who voted for him. Yeah, Dee, you’re busted and you’re exposed in this week’s episode. The awkward silence was absolutely killing me, and the fact that this tribe is quiet is bonkers. These ladies are stupid if they think Sifu doesn’t know Sean didn’t vote for him.

J. Maya didn’t vote, so it means he suspects Julie or Dee, and Dee is so obvious. The fact that they think this guy has an idol is totally bugging me. He does not have one people. Back at Belo, the tribe was feeling the aftereffect of not having any food. Jeez, are they that damn hungry they’re willing to eat a worm? Segment was a bit boring, but it was fun to have some highlight on Kendra.

Back at Lulu, Jake had another episode where he fell to the ground yet again. Yeah, something is up. Either he’s having mini strokes or something else physical. We did get a backstory about Jake’s health and how he lost a ton of weight before coming onto the competition series. It was great to see Jake’s story, very inspiring that “Survivor” is highlighting this.

While the camp was empty, Katurah started to search for an idol, just as Kaleb spotted Katurah hunting. Her story was not good, as Jake, Bruce and Kellie questioned what she was up to. Kaleb bonded with Katurah letting her know he wants to work with her. Yeah, he is building bonds with EVERYONE except Kellie. Hmmm, is that foreshadowing that Kellie might be a threat? He revealed to Kellie of all people that there is no idol on Lulu because Sabiyah has it. Kaleb is indeed playing hard, very hard.

Looks like Sifu has been woken up as a result of having his name written down and he’s ready to play the game. Wow, he created a fake idol considering everyone thinks he has an idol and proves he is indeed safe. This episode is a bit slow for me; I want to see a bit more strategy not these kooky moments. Drew and Brando were bonding over their Pokemon and it seemed to bore Emily to death. After Brando tossed out the nerd alliance, Drew was having NONE of it; bad move Drew, because why would you NOT want to work with someone who wants to work with you.

This forced Brando to realize he needed Kendra and tried his best to align with Emily, as noted last week, Emily is a power player. Emily is indeed weighing her options, which means Belo going to TC would be quite exciting. The war between Bruce and Katurah continues as his behavior was coined “Bruceisms.’ Wow, yeah, I can see how annoying he could be after a period of time. Yeah, Kaleb is also picking up on Bruce’s antics and it was annoying. J. Maya what the hell are you thinking? Why admit that you voted for him when you know you didn’t. Don’t make yourself a target if you don’t have to, you’re helping Dee, not you. Reba has become the new hot mess tribe.

At the Immunity Challenge, Reba was victorious and decided to send Austin on a journey to get information on what’s going on at Lulu. However, the problem is Kellie and J. Maya are going on a journey too. Why would Julie, J. Maya and Dee REVEAL they know Austin and see what information they can glean from the tribe people. Yeah, what the hell is going on? I will be honest I am sick of the advantages at this point. We do NOT need a new advantage every episode. Allow the game to play organically for once PLEASE!

Let the campaigning begin, as back at Belo, Brando, Kendra and Drew got a taste of what it is like to strategize to save themselves, but this is NOT “Big Brother” where you hold 1-on-1 meetings with people. Brando what are you doing? Why are you giving Drew your Shot in the Dark, but lying to Drew, who is going to sense things to try to outmaneuver a bonafide geek.

So Emily is buying what Drew is selling. Brando just TELL Emily the truth about who you want to boot from the game. Kendra calm down because if you do too much you might frighten Emily who thinks you too much of a wild card. So here we go with yet another journey, gee, how much fun, well they actually got the opportunity to eat or choose an advantage.

No, this is funny. The amulet must be played with all the other amulets, the fewer amulets the more power, so it’s an idol if you vote out other people with the amulet. Austin is being slightly smart here. Austin is right because it incentivizes you to take people out for power. J. Maya wanted the amulet, Austin wanted food, and Kellie had to be the deciding vote. Austin lost, and they made an agreement NOT to target each other until 7 people are left in the game. Yeah, that is not going to last, people are going to be voted out.

Emily confronted Drew at Belo rather he can trust him or if Brando or Kendra are playing him. Drew was nervous. Austin you better come up with a good lie. Austin this lie is horrid; I would NOT buy that at all, and guess what there has to be a disadvantage if you fail; at least a perceptive “Survivor” player would pick up on that. Austin revealed the truth to Drew and he thought it was a good idea to spill to Emily about his advantage.

At least Brando and Drew both know they’re in trouble tonight. This could be an interesting TC, but I have a feeling I know who is getting the boot tonight, it feels like Brando. Tribal Council kicked off with plenty of conversation, Brando is a great speaker, but the more he chatted, the more worried I got for him. No actual theatrics, just a bunch of boring chatter. Austin sacrificed his vote to extend the idol power, and then utilized his other advantage to regain his vote. Yeah, “Survivor” really shouldn’t have allowed that to transpire.

It is a bit too powerful to be honest. We did get a 2-2 vote that was ultimately broken by Emily, which shocked Kendra; she did not seem pleased at all. I wonder if this bodes well for Emily going into the merge or if Kendra is a sitting duck. Next week’s episode, we get to the merge, but something tells me NOT everyone is making the actual merge. Yeah, merge feels a bit fast, considering the swap only lasted 2 weeks, and we’re back to Drew thinking he’s the top dog. Until next week “Survivor” fanatics!