HOLLYWOOD—The final seven people, that is where we are on season 45 of “Survivor.” This week’s episode, ‘This Game Rips Your Heart Out’ witnessed some fractures in the Reba 4 who have been dominating the game. Katurah being happy that Bruce is out of the game is the worst outcome for her. Bozo he was a target in the game over you. Emily what the hell are you doing? Why are you spilling that information to the tribe, let alone Julie? Emily you are placing a target on your back.

She is getting credit for taking Bruce out, but I don’t think it is that smart. The Reba 4 just makes it so obvious they are aligned and they need to understand things fall apart at some point. What a showmance on “Survivor?” That is so rare, but we are seeing Austin and Dee bonding more and more. Dee, you have been on this island less than 20 days. Give me a break. Dee “Survivor” is not “Big Brother,” just as Jake and Katurah realized they are going to need one another to get further in the game. Jake was on the right scent that he works with people like Katurah. Katurah is a lawyer and it was interesting to see Jake, Katurah and Julie bonding over her upbringing as a member of a cult. Three lawyers sitting together, who would have guessed.

Wow, this totally explains why Katurah was falling to pieces when she received that letter from her mother. Man, we are learning so much about this woman that we didn’t know about. Ok, wherever a boat arrives this early in the episode that is never a good thing. Why do we keep having these twists so late in the game? We already have two idols. Good they have to draw a rock, if you get Green you go on the boat, and it was Emily who was about to take the journey. Whether it be Emily versus anyone else especially someone in the Reba 4.

Julie wants to take a strike at Emily and talked to Drew about the move, but Drew was not interested in making that move. So Julie is still in possession of the idol and the fact that she is holding onto it says a lot. Drew’s behavior is running a red flag for Julie and she conveyed that to Dee. So it looks like a target has been placed on Emily’s back.

So we have a puzzle and of course it is time theme about SAFETY AT THE NEXT TRIBAL COUNCIL! Wow, this is a game-changer. The savvy task that no one completed at the start of the game is back to deliver an advantage that changes the game. Emily chose not to risk her vote, but there was a chance she could have changed the game. Her vote doesn’t matter when she is not in the majority. Jake and Katurah were practicing making fire, just as Austin stumbled upon them. Drew was making moves, as he considered bonding with Jake and Katurah. Questions about Julie and Dee came to light.

Drew is really aiming to make a move, why is he so antsy? Katurah is ready to play the game and started to chat with Austin about making a move against someone who could win the game. Why is everyone so eager to take out Julie? She is not the threat people think she is. EMILY is the threat, Dee is a threat. Austin is perceptive that Drew wants to make a move first and he’s right. Austin wants Emily first then Julie. Austin is concerned about blindsiding Dee, just as Emily returned.

Oh, I forgot Austin’s amulet is weaker; he can only use until six, whereas the idol Julie has lasts until five. Austin is an idiot people. Emily’s truth tale was not being bought by Dee, as more maneuvering was taking place. The Immunity Challenge was tied with a reward for BBQ. How are they to hold this puzzle phrase together? Are there magnets? Drew is far ahead of everyone, as Jake was close, but didn’t have enough rope. This was a really bad challenge as Drew was far ahead of everyone. He had the word right, but he couldn’t hold the word together.

Austin had the word right on one side, but not the other side. Drew won Individual Immunity, even though it should have been Austin. Last time it was the ladies, this time it is the guys enjoying plenty of food. This vote should be interesting. Looks like this faux showmance with Dee and Austin could blow everything up, and he did just that. These players are frustrating the hell out of me!? Dee was an emotional mess, just as Austin was smitten with someone he hasn’t even kissed. This is beyond crazy. Dee warned Julie she has to play her idol tonight or she goes home. Julie was livid that Austin and Drew were trying to take her out. Julie hinted that she is making a move, and it looks like Emily and Jake are ready to make a move and would target Austin (but would they, even though it’s the optimal move to make).

This could be a brutal blindside and I am ready to see things unfold. Julie and Jake told Drew that Julie knows, duh, Drew, who do you think spilled, it was Austin! Julie is playing that idol no matter what. Austin spilled to Drew and Austin if you don’t play that idol, you are a dummy. Dee wanted her way, while Julie was looking to play the game for herself. Why would Dee tell Julie Austin is her #1? Julie that tells you everything you need to know, vote out AUSTIN! Like this episode is so twisted and nutty, I have no idea who is about to get the boot.

Day 21 and we are finally getting a TC with some massive intrigue with only seven people left in the game. Jeff called out Drew on his quietness during TC. Oh, Jeff did you have to have Drew talk more? Questions about the final three continue to rise as people are voting based on who they can defeat. Looks like Julie could be in trouble with all the votes against her being shown, so the question becomes who the hell is Julie voting for? Dee that was beyond bonkers stupid, I’m super annoyed, as that makes absolutely no sense at all.

Julie played her idol and Dee acted shocked for a reason that she should not have. So what unfolds is rather Austin plays his idol or if Julie makes the move that could win her the game? Austin has to play his idol or he goes home. If Austin goes home he so deserves to go and this is massive credit for Julie people I mean this is absolutely huge, but Julie voting out Emily and not Austin is a total blunder.

Dammit Julie why in the world would you not vote out Austin when you had the sole vote to completely change the game and you decide not to do what would have likely guaranteed her a win in the final three? So we still have the Reba 4 and now Jake and Katurah, yeah, “Survivor 45” has not entertained like I hoped, the season is over at this point.