UNITED STATES—Kindness, it feels like we are lacking this quite significantly in the United States nowadays. People just seem to be in foul moods for reasons that I cannot understand. Look, we all have bad days sometimes, but at the same time, you have to realize it takes a lot more energy to stay mad than it does to stay happy.

Something that I have been doing quite often is list things that I am thankful for. It puts a slight perspective into life and the things that matter. Yes, some of the things you are thankful for might be a bit materialistic, but you’re taking a moment to think about things before just allowing a bad mood to totally ruin your spirits and demeanor for the day.

Yes, a bad day can start, but you can end things on a bright note, just by being positive. This starts by thinking about other people. You might say how so? I will tell you. Random acts of kindness. Kindness doesn’t always cost money, which is something I think some people are thinking, but that is not the case. Holding the door for a person as you enter an establishment is perhaps one of the greatest acts of kindness that you can do.

The crazy thing is that you would be surprised at how many people do not do that at all. What does that mean? They choose to run into the establishment even though they know and see a person right behind them. I mean does it actually cost you anything, but a few more seconds to hold a door open for someone, no, it doesn’t.

In addition, saying good morning, good afternoon, good evening or even a simple hello to people makes a massive difference. It could brighten the spirits of someone who is a bit down. Perhaps the loss of a loved one, had a bunch of unforeseen things transpire and someone’s smile can brighten their mood even if it is just for a few minutes.

Remember a hello doesn’t cost you any money America. In addition, you can donate to those red kettles that you see at many of the supermarkets, outside or inside the malls or at certain establishments. For money, I donate every time I see one of those kettles. I feel and I know someone needs that spare change or few dollars that I have in my wallet more than me. I do it simply because I know I am helping, and it makes me feel good. So, whatever I can do to help those that are less fortunate, I am going to do it.

If you’re dining out, leave an extra tip or larger tip for your server. Remember servers and waiters don’t make as much money as you think, so those tips go a long way for them. In addition, you can donate your change or roundup nowadays and many retailers while checking out. Yes, I know there is a bit of controversy with that because some people see it as a potential tax write off for the company. However, if you’re not certain, do a bit of research and ask.

Help an elderly person with getting their groceries into their car, if you see they’re struggling. Assist a person who might need some extra help opening a door, the list can go on and on about the tons of random acts of kindness we can exhibit to others, whether it is people we know or not. You can even pay for the food for people while getting takeout or in the drive through. You pay it forward and it could make a big difference for the person behind you and perhaps they will pass things forward and you don’t even realize it.

We can do so much more to help the world, and a lot of the time it doesn’t cost money and if it does it is not something that is going to break the bank. Be kind, it makes such a difference on your mental state, more than you realize.

Written By Jason Jones