HOLLYWOOD—The merge has FINALLY taken place on season 46 of “Survivor.” I’ll be honest there was only one captivating episode this season and that was Siga going to Tribal Council and being blindsided, so with 90-minute episodes all-season and a double TC with two people going home, this episode had people hoping good TV was about to unfold, but would it?

Who expected Venus coming back to camp blaming that sole vote on Soda causing tension at camp, which raised Tevin’s antennas more. Charlie, what the hell are you doing? Why would you say anything? Q wanted to use this to cause tension and confronted Charlie about it. Q you are doing a bit too much. You should have kept your mouth shut and you’re making it apparent to others you are leading the path of things.

Ben suffered from a panic attack and Kenzie and Liz came to his aide and it was an opportunity for her to build a bond with another player, that is a number for her. Jeez we literally have a challenge within the first 10 minutes of the episode; it is that classic balance on the platform in the water. However, the tribe, NuiNui was not expecting two people to have immunity and two people would be going home. The group who goes to Tribal Council first and is voted out will NOT make the jury people.

Soda, Liz, Maria, Tevin, Venus and Charlie were on the Purple Team. While Orange was Ben, Tim, Kenzie, Q, Tiffany and Hunter. Interesting, all of Yanu is on the same team that is three locked votes I think. This Alphabet Game is boring. Jeez, they had them move right to the top without starting at the bottom? Soda and Q were the first to fall from each team, soon followed by Ben, this is impressive, everyone lasting the second round at 30 minutes. This banter was a bit annoying if I have to be honest.

Jeff, we know two people are being voted out; you said it at the start of the challenge. Of course, they have to lift and hold up one foot on the platform that cause Tim, Charlie, Venus, Liz, Hunter and Tiffany, but Kenzie won immunity people. Who is winning for Purple? Tevin or Maria? Tevin’s recovery was epic, but he wasn’t able to sustain, giving Maria the win and food for her tribe.

Wow, Purple can’t even communicate with the others because they are headed to the old Siga camp. The severing of dialogue makes the game that more chaotic. Tevin wanted to target Venus, while Venus wanted to target Charlie. I hope Tevin isn’t targeting Soda because that is a bad move. Q and Tim bickered about Hunter or Ben. Tim wanted to target Hunter because of his physical prowess, but Q is amplifying his target on everyone’s back. Q is starting to rub me the wrong way.

Soda you are doing exactly what you should NOT be doing and it has Tevin wanting to target you more than you realize. It is NOT a smart move for Tevin to make, and I think this is a move that is going to cost Tevin and Liz’s chance to win the game. Venus was aware that no one was chatting with her and that she was in trouble. Oh, Venus threw out Tevin’s name versus Soda oh, oh, oh, I like that move! Maria that is a bad move not speaking out and Venus picked up on it ASAP. Why are we spending so much time on this tribe and not the other tribe, who is headed to TC first? Venus is the star of this season, Maria does indeed have a bit of an ego and it is annoying to be quite frank, to say the least.

Charlie you are making it so obvious and that is not good. So we are finally getting to the team that is going to TC first. Tiff picked up that Ben could be a more dangerous player versus Tim. Hunter you are off, because Yanu is not after you, they are after Ben or Tim. Q gave a bit tip to Ben that he could be in trouble. Q what are you doing, you’re spiraling a bit too much and its riling up Kenzie and Tiffany and that’s not good. A bit of wasteful time and now we’re about to have to rush two TC, which I hate.

This first TC I was not ecstatic about because there didn’t seem to be much tension. Hunter pointed out a strong point that Siga really is staying a tight four. It was valid and Tim was sticking his foot in his mouth. This is SO BORING! Kenzie is really giving winner’s edit and I love her honestly. Why are we going to a commercial? “Survivor” has to get better on the pacing with their episodes, because this second TC is going to be rushed like no other.

As I thought Tim was the bigger player and found himself getting the boot from the game. They should have taken out Ben who is truly skating by in the game and will be dangerous to say the least. Tim was in tears after being voted out. We literally have like six to seven minutes for this second TC. Liz is irrelevant. She has done nothing that makes me intrigued to watch. Venus made a valid point about being a bigger target than Charlie, and Maria’s monologue was pointless. For 90 minutes, both of these Tribal Councils have been a massive disappointment, just ugh.

Charlie that bluff is so stale, this season is truly terrible. Does Soda realize she is the one in trouble? However, it turned into a Soda blindside and she was not expecting it at all and she was livid. Whoa, Soda isn’t even giving Tevin credit for the move that does NOT BODE GOOD FOR HIM IF HE MAKES IT TO THE END!  Whoa Tevin voted out Venus, was he trying to cover for himself? Next week’s episode looks intense, let’s hope this shock factor that Jeff Probst loves to push actually delivers because seven episodes in and I still haven’t been wowed yet. Until next Wednesday “Survivor” fanatics!