UNITED STATES—The event that the globe was talking about happened on Monday, April 8. I’m referring to the Total Solar Eclipse that was visible for so many cities throughout the United States. I have never seen Americans so happy about space and astronomy. It was like an event unlike anything ever seen in this country. A Total Solar Eclipse it is something that doesn’t happen often, especially to a degree where it crosses multiple states in the USA.

Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, New York, Vermont and so much more. People were traveling across the country to get the opportunity to see this moment in the sky. It started at around 1:58 p.m. EST in Mexico and then it started to move across the country. If you were lucky enough to see some of the live streams across the country and you were NOT in the path of totality it was amazing.

I mean there were parts of the country where it was light one minute and then it went dark. Then guess what, the sunlight came back. I was visibly speechless watching this because you have never seen such a thing; at least I haven’t in my lifetime. Yes, the sun was visibly bright in my location and while NOT in the path of totality I was damn close.

Kids, kids, kids, were excited about this event. Adults were excited about this event. Parents were pulling their kids out of school so they could spend the day with their kids to witness something iconic and share a moment. I saw neighbors I have not seen for months. People were actually on their lawn with their solar eclipse glasses looking at the sun. Yes, people were smart and had the correct classes that were pretty much available at any reputable establishment.

I was able to purchase several pairs of glasses at Lowes to ensure my family was safe and protected because the sunlight was pretty bright on April 8. Now, let’s talk about what I witnessed. The sun was bright, and then it started to slowly get dark, it almost felt like it was about to storm, but it wasn’t. To see the moon cross Earth’s path right in front of the sun was awesome.

The temperature changed outside. It got a bit windy and then chilly for a moment and it was near 70 degrees where I was. Then the eclipse takes place, and it gets darker America. It was like witnessing something I have never seen before in my life. My region didn’t get pitch black, but it was darker than normal, and it was NOT a storm or extreme cloudiness occurring. It was the moon crossing Earth and the Sun at the perfect time created a near blackout or shadow in some instances.  For several minutes, I experienced something I have NEVER seen in my life before and I will likely not see ever again and to be in that moment was just awesome.

It really made me want to study space, the galaxy, the sun, the planets and so much more that is out there that we know nothing about. The world is this vast extravaganza of knowledge that not many people explore to its fullest potential. I don’t like to touch complicated subject matters at times because it fries my brain, but the realization has hit me; if something frustrates you it’s because you’re interested in it. The next Total Solar Eclipse that cross minor parts of the U.S. is in 2044, then for more parts of the U.S. that is in 2099. Yeah, not many of us will be around in 2099, so hopefully you could enjoy the 2024 event if possible.