HOLLYWOOD—This seriously has been one of the best seasons of “Survivor” in recent years. I’m not just saying that because everyone else has said it. We’ve gotten an eclectic cast unlike any other, very reminiscent of “Survivor: Cagayan” which was one of my favorite seasons up to this point, I’d still argue I’d rank that season as one of my top five. There was just something chaotic taking place every single episode. I mean the blindside of John Hennigan had to be one of the great tribal councils to date; I can watch that over and over again and never get tired of it, it was absolutely fantastic and for once even left the viewer blindsided.

The Davids were always on the bottom and after finally clawing their way to have the numbers, blew it away by letting their egos get the best of them. Nick wasted his idol after becoming suspicious at Christian being blindsided. So now Nick and Davie are at the bottom with the Goliaths (Angelina, Alison, Mike and Kara) having the advantage. Is it anyone’s game? Of course, but I would totally be lying if I wasn’t rooting for Nick and Davie as possible winners.

After weeks of utter mayhem a winner was crowned this week and it was fun to watch it in all of its epic glory. With our final six in play, the strategizing on who to take to the end and who to take out was in full force, allies became enemies and enemies became allies. The fact that players are well aware that once an idol is played another goes back into play stifles the gameplay in my opinion. It’s no fun if we know an idol at some point will be found. The immunity challenge was one of endurance and mental, where in the end it was a massive puzzle (64 pieces to be exact) that would grant one player a trip to the final five, and it was Nick who came from behind to earn his first immunity of the season.

Why the hell would Angelina disclose to Mike and Nick that she found the clue to the idol; this is a game about surviving, I would not share those details. Angelina has found an idol, but it could be used against her and she has no idea. Could a blindside be in play? I think so. Alison wanted to make a move and pitched Davie getting the boot, and Angelina gloating at the fact that she has all this power. Mike and Kara wanted Davie out, so this could be a fun tribal council.

Jeff stirred the pot by bringing up the friction between Angelina and Alison, as it became apparent that Davie and Alison were on the chopping block. Angelina made a convincing argument why to take out a threat. Angelina made a convincing argument why to take out a threat. I loved that Nick made a threat, where Mike has been wavering, and it was apparent that the Rockstars could fracture yet again. Davie was voted out, and Alison who is virtually invisible us still in the game. Ugh, Nick is at the bottom, which makes me assume he has the underdog edit and I’m rooting for him all the way. Davie did indicate make a big move, and that move directly belongs to Mike, but rather he can vocalize that while in the hot seat is another story.

Nick was livid to be blindsided yet again by Mike and Angelina, he has information about that idol and I know he’s going to spill those beans. Angelina pleaded her case to Nick, but he was not buying anything being sold and Mike’s dirty tactics have finally come to light. Mike tried to plead his case, but Nick was not listening to a word whispered by sleazy Mike. Now, that I think of it, Mike has annoyed the hell out of me this entire game.

Time for another immunity challenge, where another puzzle was in play; I would love to watch a challenge on “Survivor” where a puzzle was not the endgame. And the underdog, Nick is still in the game and won his second consecutive immunity. Take that Mike, you’re about to eat those words buddy! Oh Angelina, I love you for doing what the viewers love to see in reality competition: drama, but Mike the drama stealer, is taking all the fun out of things. Per usual, he shares the tea with Kara and I cannot wait for Mike to get a taste of his own medicine, and Kara started to think long-term: take Mike out!

The fact that Alison found that fake idol, just as Mike watched from a distance with no idea he could be going home has me screaming. Just when I thought the last Tribal Council was entertaining, this one delivers with Jeff stirring the pot per usual. Mike didn’t like that Alison threw his name out there as a threat, and it raised tons of eyebrows at the tribal. Angelina didn’t deliver as many fireworks as I hoped, and as quickly as I disliked Mike I’m rooting for him again. Only “Survivor” can do such things America! Watching Alison play that fake idol was fun as Angelina laughed from a distance, just as Angelina decided to play her idol.

Just as we thought Mike might get a taste of his own medicine, Mike was spared and Alison was at long last sent packing. Mike’s behavior may have cost him a vital vote though! The final immunity challenge was one we’ve seen in the past about balance, precision and keeping your eye on the prize; this time with a twist: only using one hand. Angelina and Mike were out after 3 balls leaving Nick and Kara to battle until the end, where Nick picked up his third consecutive immunity. Underdog edit, without a doubt I have to argue that.

I will admit I HATE this fire-making challenge twist; it takes the fun out of the game if you ask me. Let the social politics remain strong, with Nick deciding rather to take Angelina or Mike to the final 3 with him. Nick acknowledged that Angelina is his best shot at winning, which forces Mike and Kara to a fire making challenge. I could care less who goes between the two to be honest, I would argue Kara cause I can’t carve a resume for her, and it came to fruition with Mike building a fire large enough to punch his ticket to the final three.

Interesting final tribal where Nick, Angelina and Mike pleaded their cases, but I would argue this is more a battle between Mike and Nick, but don’t count out Angelina that girl knows how to plead her case. I loved seeing Angelina, Nick and Mike plead their cases, Angelina played victim, Mike had to defend his antics and sarcasm, and I was slightly disappointed with the questions and the end result. It was more pleading a case, versus analyzing the final three and their actual gameplay. I think Nick sealed the game for himself when he disclosed his past, his relationship with his mother and his ability to help those in need.

At now it’s time for the votes, I will argue I was surprised to see Christian vote for Mike over Nick. Wow, this is surprising me because I’m really thinking Mike might take this game, but it became a battle between Mike and Nick as I suspected. So Christian, Kara and Alison all voted for Mike, well the rest of the jury delivered the victory to Nick who absolutely deserved the win.

“Survivor” indeed is going to have some tough shoes to fill for season 38 which is expected to bring back some iconic players to try for the million dollar prize yet again. “Survivor: Edge of Extinction” premieres February 20, 2019.