HOLLYWOOD─Last week was a stellar episode in the latest season of “Survivor: Winners At War.” Tony Vlachos had been quite a character up to this point, but he really turned things on. First, he found an idol, then he thought he was getting an advantage that turned out to be a disadvantage (which he expertly avoided), he won his second consecutive immunity challenge, and implemented a blindside on Sophie. Yeah, Tony is in the driver seat, but more chaos erupted when his ally Sarah was livid at his antics. Tony had to do damage control and Ben is proving that he is TERRIBLE at this game. You big dummy if you send Jeremy to the jury and he’s not a fan of yours, you could lose that vote and that means, you’re playing to lose. Sarah aired her grievances to Tony saying she was going to keep her cool, but not so.

Tony is back to his sneak antics, this time hiding in a tree to obtain information from the other players, Sarah was well aware of his new spy hut. I loved that Jeremy called Ben out on his childish antics of not wanting to speak to him. Kim spotted that Tony and Sarah are an item that needs to be broken up. She went to work wanting to target Tony, and aired it out to everyone: Nick, Denise, Jeremy, Ben, she might as well have told Tony and Sarah that she was coming after them.

This makes me wonder if Kim is being sent to the ‘Edge of Extinction’ by the time this episode culminates. It’s bad when you look forward to the Edge of Extinction, and this time fire tokens were back up for grabs, but it required a strenuous task of retrieving 20 coconuts, 1 at a time by their shelter. The first 6 people to complete it by sundown will receive 2 fire tokens each. Rob started off strong, then soon realized he needed to slow his pace down.

Natalie was proving to be a beast per usual, as was Parvati, Adam on the other hand was struggling big time. Rob took a major fall that resulted in him cracking his elbow. I was surprised by Sophie’s endurance in the challenge. So as expected Natalie, Sophie, Yul, Parvati, Tyson and Wendell rounded out the six, with Danni in a close seventh. Rob wanted to finish, even though he had no chance of earning fire tokens. That says a lot about Boston Rob people.

Here’s the question, what are the players going to do with those fire tokens. Nick started to listen to conversations, and started to speculate who he could sit with at the end and possibly win the game, and he landed on Denise and Natalie. I did not expect those three people, but it was apparent that Tony, Sarah and Jeremy were major targets.

Time for idol hunting, and Sarah and Tony went to work, as did Nick, and Denise. So everyone is looking for it, including Kim, Michele and Ben. Ben starting singing to Tony he’s in trouble and Ben found an idol, but Tony knew he had it and tried to hide it. The more I see Ben play, the more I remember why I wanted Chrissy to win against him in season 35; that guy’s ego is way too large for his britches people.

Time for the immunity challenge and it looks like one that involves keeping that hand raised into the air. Wow, Jeff delivered a surprise announcing that the last man and woman standing would win immunity. That I did not expect people! That fact that Ben was bargaining so soon, as a sign that he was confident. Man if Tony wins a third consecutive immunity he intensifies his target. Nick offered a fire token, but Tony didn’t negotiate.

So either Nick or Tony would win, as cookies and milk were being offered. Kim really? Why would you do that? Tony won immunity again, as did Denise. This is just baffling and plain stupid. I’ve never seen anything dumber. You’re playing for $2 million, why, oh, why would you settle for cookies and milk. I’m so annoyed with the players right now I cannot even describe what I’m feeling. Just terrible gameplay people. Looks like Jeremy and Kim are targets because Ben has an idol, Tony has an idol and immunity Michele has her 50/50 coin. Raises the question is any strategy going to take place people?

So Nick decided he got one fire token and he’s sending Jeremy packing, but Michele was upset to see her ally potentially go home. As soon as Tony learned Kim was after him, he wanted her out, and Nick got caught in an obvious lie. Tony and Sarah learned that Ben had loose lips, which raised the target on Kim’s back. Tony pleaded his case to Ben about Kim over Jeremy. Ben WAS LIVID about Jeremy not going out, Michele wanted to give Jeremy her advantage. Like it’s said, it’s a flip of a coin.

Jeremy did his best to bury the hatchet with Ben, but damn that guy is just annoying. So it looks like Jeremy or Kim are the targets, it would be nice if it was Sarah, Ben or even Nick people. Time for Tribal Council, where tea was spilled, and even Parvati asked “Kim, why?” Exactly, what I thought people, as Kim peeped Tony and Jeremy chatting, as did Michele, and again we continued to see talking and people getting up and moving yet again. I’m literally getting sick of this right now. People NEED to remain seated. So much to the point that Jeff became the commentator.

Denise just cut off Jeremy when he tried to speak to her and it was just damn rude people. Denise was ready to vote and that just made me lose a ton of respect, but a ton of admiration for Denise at the same time. I don’t know what is going to happen, but I hope Jeremy plays that 50/50 coin, just for the sake of it. Tony created some chaos, and he decided to play his immunity idol for Sarah, but she asked him not to do it. Jeremy DO IT! He didn’t do it, and it was Kim who found herself blindsided and out the game. Ben was not happy people.

The jury is absolutely seeing Tony as the leader of the game, as Kim delivered one token each to Michele, Sarah and Denise. Why Jeremy, Kim, Denise, Michele and Nick didn’t align to go after Sarah or Ben, I do not understand because it was a 4/4 split people. Next week we have a 2-hour episode, which makes me feel like we are going from 7-5, and the Edge of Extinction might see an actual player return to the game in the process. We are nearing the end people, until next week “Survivor” fanatics!