HOLLYWOOD─Last week was perhaps the third time this season on “Survivor: Winners at War” that I screamed at the TV screen. I mean it was a chaotic, somewhat annoying Tribal Council as the whispers transpired yet again, and another blindside unfolded. I seriously had NO IDEA who might be going home. At first I thought it was Jeremy, Sarah, possibly Ben, Nick and then Kim. It was chaos, and when Tony was about to play his idol for Sarah I screamed, then Jeremy was about to play the 50/50 flip coin, but decided not to.

This is what I love about this game the chaos it causes. This week’s episode, ‘The Penultimate Step of the War’ was a two-hour episode, where audiences saw a double boot, the Edge of Extinction, and the final player from the edge returning to the game. Looks like a few people were blindsided as the episode, ‘The Penultimate Step of the War’ kicked off. Michele continued to question her motives in the game, as Jeremy realized that everyone is continuing to target him. Why would you return the 50/50 coin? You might actually need it sooner than you think.

Ben was seething at the fact that Jeremy was still in the game, Denise seemed to be unraveling mentally, and it was apparent that Tony viewed Jeremy as a loyal ally and vice versa. So Sarah and Tony realized Jeremy was needed to further their game, as it became apparent Cops R’ Us were ready to potentially take out Ben or Nick to further their games. Sarah realized letting Ben think he was in charge is the best move, as did Tony. Ok, so we are getting the Immunity Challenge very early on, which makes me think plenty more surprises are in store for this grand episode.

It was a slide puzzle that would determine the victor with Tony, Denise, Jeremy, Ben, Nick and Sarah working the puzzle. Man if Tony wins a fourth consecutive immunity I am going to die, but it was Nick who edged the victory when he needed it most because he was about to be voted out. Looks like Michele played the pity card to make the tribe feel sorry for her. So it is so obvious Jeremy is a target yet again people. Denise became a name, and Ben wanted to take out Jeremy and planted seeds to get that 50/50 coin. Nick speculated it was a ruse, and Michelle refused to give her coin back.

Ben was caught red-handed, but the problem is Ben has an idol that only Tony knows about. So Jeremy was just ratted out by Tony, with the votes being split, and an advantage is flushed out. Sarah was worried about Nick flipping. The edit is really starting to make me think Nick is a bigger frontrunner than I ever expected.

At Tribal Council, Jeff pointed out Michele’s lackluster performance, as the notion of being ‘watched’ has an impact on the game. The question about deception came up, which did indeed worry me about the endgame and how the jury might vote: bitter or reward strong gameplay. Why are we talking about trust and how the game impacts personal after the game ends. This might be the longest chat for TC we’ve had in a while. Episode is dragging a bit people, I must admit it.

Michele of course she is playing the coin for herself and not Jeremy, but she was hesitant for a second. She flipped the coin and won immunity people. Jeremy did not look happy and knew Tony betrayed him, as did Michele, and Jeremy gave his tokens to Michele. Ben is so annoying people. So Michele became the next target, and my gut tells me she is an underdog. Michele was upset at Nick not realizing how he is going to get to the end with Sarah, Tony and Ben, it was so funny that Michele read the riot out to Nick who was too stupid to see it. I like this Michele I want to see her explode it’s long overdue people.

Sarah tried to play the fake card and it was so apparent, and she made Sarah realize she has NO CHANCE against Tony. Sarah open your eyes because you will NOT will against Tony at all. Sarah announced the news to the rest of the tribe, not smart Sarah. Finally, we get a visit to the Edge of Extinction, because this episode has been a major drag, and Michele is giving me life. Jeremy was not a fan of ‘Edge’ and Yul brought details for a new clue that was a major riddle that had everyone running. Wendell and Natalie had an idea of where they needed to head, but Natalie reached the prized possession before everyone else. Natalie ended up revealing the advantage in front of everyone, which was another ‘disadvantage’ in the next immunity challenge, and charge as much as possible, and Denise was the obvious person people, but I forgot Nick also had 6 tokens also people.

Hmm, the problem is Nick needed 8 fire tokens, but only had 6, which meant he needs Michele who he screwed over last time. However, she realized she has to play with the cards that she has and they landed on creating a little chaos at camp.

We learned this challenge was the last time fire tokens could be earned to be utilized in the game. The person receiving the disadvantage was Ben. I thought Tony expected it, but I’m glad Nick utilized that advantage against Ben to knock his ego down a bit people. Ben was already off to a rough start people, looks like Nick picked the right person. Ben proved a beast, just as Michele won immunity win she needed it most people. I screamed at the TV screen, I can’t believe I’m rooting for Michele people!

She pointed out that no one clapped when she won, and the fact that she pointed it out was egg on their face, and it’s an opportunity for her to purchase an immunity idol and give it to Nick to save him as well. Denise why the hell would you propose being on the chopping block tonight? It’s slightly stupid to say you want to cook rice and to give up tokens. We’ve had these fire tokens all along, can we finally see them come into play people.

Nick is too giddy which worries me, and he threw out some information that worried Tony about Ben winning a fire making challenge and getting to the end. Tony being Tony went to his tree hut to try to gather Intel from Sarah and Denise, and he learned that he is a threat courtesy of Denise. She wanted a final three with Sarah and Ben.

So its Denise versus Tony versus Nick now people. Michele did not want Denise out, and wanted to shake things up, how about utilizing those fire tokens people? So our second TC of the night, Jeff pointed out Michele was the underdog for the entire jury to see if on full display people. Ben speculated who played that disadvantage against him, as questions about the endgame is fast approaching, and Denise making that announcement was not smart people. The jury knew what Denise was up to people. Something is up we still have 20 minutes before the episode concludes people, with that said the vote was revealed and it was Nick who found himself blindsided people, why would Denise not take the opportunity to fracture Sarah, Tony or Ben? Please tell me how Denise even plans to get to the end and who does she think she can beat.

I really was championing Denise when she voted out Sandra, but I have no clue what the hell this woman is doing, she almost feels like a GOAT to me people. The best part of this episode is really seeing the top-tier players on the Edge of Extinction bidding adieu to such a place. So the final battle is on people, Rob has a hidden immunity idol, as well as Natalie people. The audience knows Natalie has the most tokens out of anyone in the game. I mean she has 14 fire tokens people, 14! She has three advantage, peanut butter, and two idols, she gave the other to Tyson, hoping if she didn’t get in, he would and he offered that token back if he didn’t get in.

Smart play Natalie, it tells you these people have bonded GREATLY on the Edge of Extinction. We really don’t need a rehash of the season give us 10 minutes of the actual game people. So next week we will learn who wins the game, and I have my money banked on Tony right now. The guy has played like a beast. Until next week “Survivor” fanatics!