WEST HOLLYWOOD—On Friday, June 3, a suspicious device resembling dynamite was found in the back of a man’s vehicle during a traffic stop, according to Patch.com. Deputies from the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station notified the bomb squad who removed the device.

Around 3 a.m. on Friday, deputies from the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station conducted a traffic stop on a man who was later arrested for an alleged narcotics violation. The arrest occurred on the 7700 block of Santa Monica Boulevard.

Once deputies saw the device they notified the bomb squad and traffic was diverted off of Santa Monica Boulevard onto Fountain Avenue. The West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station posted on their Twitter page details about the traffic diversion, but included no other information about the suspicious device.

The package was removed by the bomb squad and the area was cleared around 6 a.m. Traffic resumed its normal flow. No injuries were reported and no other details on the suspicious device have been released.

Canyon News called the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station, but were unable to obtain additional comment about the incident.