SAN MATEO—An SUV which was seen driving off of a cliff on December 30, 2019 at Gray Whale Cove State Beach along Highway 1 has yet to be found.

A witness provided officials with a video taken on a dashboard camera that shows a dark colored SUV drive directly off of a cliff at approximately 10:35 a.m.

Cal fire, the California Highway Patrol, San Mateo County Fire Department, and San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office, including dive teams and helicopters, commenced a 6-hour search for both the SUV and the passengers in the vehicle, but came up empty handed. The search was suspended due to a lack of visibility and dangerous water conditions, such as a high surf advisory in the area.

CHP Officer Bert Diaz stated that some car debris, as well as tire marks on the sand that surround the cliff’s edge were found, but no sign of the vehicle. It is unknown if this was done intentionally or as a criminal act. Officials are expected to resume potential search rescues when conditions improve.