Tag: Bates Motel

“Bates Motel” Comes To A Shocking End!

HOLLYWOOD—Well, the time has come, and for once I’d make the argument that I wish it hadn’t come so soon! Yes, the A&E hit...

“Bates Motel” Finally Goes ‘Psycho!’

HOLLYWOOD—Well, after five long seasons “Bates Motel” finally arrived at that climatic moment that fans of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic, “Psycho” have eagerly waited for....

“Bates Motel” Kicks Off Its Final Season!

HOLLYWOOD—Well, last season of the A&E hit “Bates Motel” took viewers by a massive surprise with the death of Norma Bates, yes, Vera Farmiga...

Is Norma A Goner On “Bates Motel?”

HOLLYWOOD—Well, fans of the A&E series “Bates Motel” have been eagerly waiting for years to see when that climatic moment involving Norman Bates (Freddie...

“Bates Motel” Back For Season Four Madness!

HOLLYWOOD—The season three finale of “Bates Motel” saw Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore) slip into darker territory as he violently murdered Bradley Martin (Nicola Peltz)....

“Bates Motel” Back For More Crazy!

HOLLYWOOD—Norman Bates might be one of the scariest sociopaths in movie history so imagine fans reactions upon the discovery that the series chronicling Bates...
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