HOLLYWOOD—The season three finale of “Bates Motel” saw Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore) slip into darker territory as he violently murdered Bradley Martin (Nicola Peltz). Well season four of the series picked up precisely where its predecessor left off, with both Norma (Vera Farmiga) and Dylan (Max Thierot) well aware that Norman is a bigger danger to the people around him than they ever expected.

The season four premiere episode ‘A Danger to Himself and Others’ opened with Sheriff Romero disposing of a bloody body on a sinking boat. Back in White Pine Bay, Dylan posted fliers hoping to gather Intel on Norman’s whereabouts. Norman found himself waking up in the middle of a field where he just buried Bradley, and his sanity looked even worse as he held a conversation with his ‘mother.’ An innocent bystander did his best to assist Norman, who went on the attack and ended up unconscious and with a bloody nose.

Norma was a complete mess worried about her youngest son’s whereabouts, and was hoping Dylan would tag along, but he choose to head to Portland to stand by Emma who was having her lung transplant, not to mention he’s dating a girl that Norman won’t be too pleased to hear about. Back at his residence, Alex was seen stashing massive loads of cash into a secret compartment.

Norma showed up at the asylum to get details on Norman’s current psychological state, just as Dylan sat in the waiting room for updates on Emma’s surgery. Norma did her best to cover for Norman and his unexpected blackouts, hmm; this information does not bode well for Norman. Mama bear was none too pleased to not see things go her way. Dylan came across Emma’s mother who stopped at the hospital to await results on her daughter’s condition. So Audrey is the woman who has been absent for most of Emma’s life, but it looks like Emma’s life could take a drastic turn for the better with her new lungs.

Norman decided it was best to have her son admitted to a top-notch facility, and found herself in a pickle yet again. Looks like Mrs. Bates just can’t catch a break. When Norma puts on the waterworks, it’s nearly impossible to say no to her. Norman found himself recalling happier moments with Norma as a child as he set strapped to a gurney inside the asylum. Norma rushed to the hospital to pick-up Norman, but not before she checked in on Audrey, Emma’s mother. Yep, it left Norma for a whirlwind to come face-to-face with this woman; especially considering Norma looks at Emma like her daughter.

Seeing the reunion between Norma and Norman was slightly heartbreaking to say the least, but Norma knows her son is not well. This raises the ultimate question of just how Norman will react to his mother placing him in a facility to seek medical treatment for his blackouts and odd behavior.

Audrey asked Norma to please deliver a gift to Emma, but she refused. The two mothers clashed as Norma went into overprotective mode. Looks like that babying that Norma continually does is why her son behaves the way he does. He confessed to his mother about the death of Bradley Martin, which caused her to worry; her son may have committed a horrible crime and blacked it out. What? Ok, these moments of mother and son sleeping in the same bed, is just beyond creepy.

Norma paid a visit to Alex, just as she locked Norman in the bedroom to ensure his safety. This only opened the door for Audrey to go snooping yet again. Norman went on a warpath after realizing that he had been locked in his bedroom. He broke the door down and decided to wear his mother’s robe yet again, while perfecting her mannerisms. Yes, Norman has indeed crossed over to full-blown sociopath mode; and it’s quite scary to watch.

Alex was taken aback when Norma asked him to marry her so that she could obtain insurance to provide for her son. He flat-out said no, which left Norma with no alternative. Audrey visited the Bates residence once again and came face-to-face with Norman who was cloaked in full Norma attire. She shared her tale about Emma and her desire to assure her daughter understands she loves her. Norman seemed quite compassionate, but ‘Norma’ emerged causing Norman to snap, viciously choking Audrey to death.

Wow, Norman’s body count is certainly on the rise, and his temper is beyond controllable at this point. Only time will tell when Norman aka ‘Norma’ snaps on a loved one. “Bates Motel” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on A&E.