Tag: Bathroom

Cleaning Properly Is Time Consuming

UNITED STATES—Oh, the notion of cleaning your home is not an easy task especially if you’re doing it thoroughly. I always say when it...

Santa Monica Woman Defecates During Live CNN Broadcast

SANTA MONICA—While a live CNN news broadcast was transpiring on the beaches of Santa Monica on Tuesday, June 7, a transient woman defecated behind...

Man Found Dead In Griffith Park Bathroom

GRIFFITH PARK—Kil Young Baek, 51, was found dead in a bathroom by a Griffith Park employee on Sunday, May 19. After the discovery, police officers...

Lane Closure On Las Flores Canyon Road

MALIBU—The City of Malibu is installing a new pre-fabricated bathroom building as part of the Las Flores Creek Restoration and Park Project in eastern...
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