Tag: Bruce Willis

“Die Hard” Is Indeed A Christmas Movie!

HOLLYWOOD—It has been debated for years, but I am here to say it once and for all, “Die Hard” is absolutely a Christmas movie....

“Die Hard” Is The Quintessential Xmas Movie

HOLLYWOOD─There are so many people that talk time and time again about what qualifies as a Christmas movie, and what I consider to be,...

“Glass” Is Slightly Underwhelming

HOLLYWOOD—Never in a million years did I expect while watching the psychological thriller and must-see film “Split” that it was a sequel to M....

“Death Wish” Fails To Ignite Something Fresh

HOLLYWOOD—Remakes, it seems about a decade ago it was the hugest trend in the horror genre, well now that trend has seemed to spill...

Oscar-Winner Gianni Nunnari’s Malibu Home Sold

MALIBU—Film producer Gianni Nunnari has sold his Malibu oceanfront home for $10.4 million. The home was previously owned by "Die Hard" star Bruce Willis...

“Die Hard” Remains An Action Fave

HOLLYWOOD—There are those movies that are good, then there are those movies that are great. For some reason, every single time the flick “Die...
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