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70 Year-Old Runner Disqualified From L.A. Marathon

SANTA MONICA—Frank Meza, a 70-year-old L.A. Marathon runner was disqualified by the Los Angeles Marathon council after revealing camera footage that shows Meza leaving...

California Residents Arrested For Cheating On TOEFL Exams

WOODLAND HILLS—Five California residents were arrested on Tuesday, March 12 for helping Chinese international students cheat on literary proficiency exams that are used to...

Are You Worried Your Partner May Be Cheating?

UNITED STATES—Being in a secure, loving, long term relationship can be very satisfying but there are some people that become very worried that their...

If You Cheat You Will Get Caught

UNITED STATES—This week I really want to tackle a topic of importance that we rarely talk about in America: cheating. It is something so...

The Four Stages Of Dating Theory

BEVERLY HILLS—Of my eleven closest girlfriends, I had the fewest relationship problems. My ongoing examination of why they were continuously crushed by their short-lived...
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