SANTA MONICA—Frank Meza, a 70-year-old L.A. Marathon runner was disqualified by the Los Angeles Marathon council after revealing camera footage that shows Meza leaving the course for a portion of the run.

In March, Meza broke the record for a man his age after completing the race in Santa Monica just under three hours, clocking in at 2:53:10. The marathon community questioned Meza’s record-setting performance, believing it to be “impossible.”

On Friday, June 28, official race cameras and security cameras at retail locations along the race course revealed evidence of Meza committing numerous violations during the 2019 Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon.

According to officials from Conqur Endurance Group, some of the violations Meza committed included re-entering the course from a position other than where he left at.

“The video evidence is confirmed by a credible eyewitness report and our calculation that Dr. Meza’s actual running time for at least one 5K course segment would have had to have been faster than the current 70-74 age group 5K world-record [an impossible feat during a marathon],” the disqualification notice states.

Following Meza’s disqualification, the LA Marathon has revised the results for the Men’s 70-74 age group winners. Dan Adams now holds first place with a time of 4:10:07, Marek Malolepzy in second place with 4:11:08 and Joe Ogata, in third place with a time of 4:25:24.