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Party Shut Down After Violating Coronavirus Guidelines

SHERMAN OAKS—A party being held for a young child on Thursday, September 17, was shutdown after authorities discovered that 150 people had gathered together,...

Davante Bell Fined For Throwing Illegal Party

SANTA MONICA—A 26-year-old party organizer was hit with a $1,450 fine after illegally throwing the "100 Summers Mansion Party" on Saturday, August 22, which...

West Hollywood Enforcing Citations For Lack Of Face Covering

WEST HOLLYWOOD—On Friday, July 10, the city of West Hollywood announced that the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department (LASD) West Hollywood Division will now hand...

West Hollywood Resumes Enforcing Parking Regulations

WEST HOLLYWOOD—On Monday, June 8, the city of West Hollywood announced that it will resume the enforcement of previously suspended parking regulations on Monday,...

City Enforcing ‘Anti-Gridlock’ Measures

WEST HOLLYWOOD—The city of West Hollywood is increasing its ‘Anti-Gridlock’ measures to prevent the blockage of traffic. The city’s Parking Services Division is renewing...
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