Tag: commitment

Restart, Reboot, But Do Not Give Up

UNITED STATES—So 2022 has arrived, and less than 4 years into the year I broke a resolution that I had already set for myself....

Curbing A Sweet Tooth

UNITED STATES—I just did something last week that I thought was NOT possible. I went an entire week without any sweets. NOTE: when I...

Cooking Commitment

UNITED STATES—I made a pact with myself last week that I was going to head to the grocery store and cook dinner EVERY single...

Exercise Starts With A Commitment

UNITED STATES—Commitment. It is a word that many of us fear. However, it is a commitment that pushes us to accomplish things that we...

Mentally Stronger Than You Know

UNITED STATES─Sometimes you never know how strong of a person you are mentally until you place yourself in a predicament to prove your willpower....
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