UNITED STATES—So 2022 has arrived, and less than 4 years into the year I broke a resolution that I had already set for myself. It was NOT that I wanted it to happen, it was the direct result of me just being a bit under stress and I just needed that glass of Coca-Cola to settle my brain. Yeah, it’s a bad addiction to have by Coca-Cola is my kryptonite. However, I may have slipped off the wagon, but that is NOT the end of my journey people.

I can easily restart anew, but it is up to me to make that actual sacrifice people. I have gone years doing this where I would give up Coca-Cola and I have done quite well for months, hell, one time I think I went 6 months without any pop, soda it depends on your verbiage depending on the part of the country where you’re originally from what you say. With that said, I know America it is NOT good for your health so I am NOT over indulging too much to the point that it causes a major health crisis.

However, that’s it people, I’ve banned it, I will NOT buy it and no matter how bad of a craving I might have I’m going to resist that temptation. I will NOT allow myself to cave into that craving that I want. I would NOT call it an addiction, I would say it’s a weakness I have. Everyone has a weakness or guilty pleasure that is almost like a safety net for them. When you have it, you have it and it makes things easier for you if you’re having a tough day, tough week or tough month. Just remember it is NOT something that you can always go to when you are in a bind or you need an escape that you don’t need.

The thing about kicking a bad habit, it’s never easy, that is why it is considered a bad habit people. If it was an easy habit, none of us would have bad habits. That is why no one ever said that something you want is easy. It is all a mental battle; can you state that you’re going to do something and actually fight the urge and temptation that is going to test you at every given opportunity? Yes, of course you can, but the choice is up to you.

If you fall off the wagon, find a way to place yourself in situations where you are not tempted. In my case, I cannot have any soda or pop in the home or I will be tempted to want to drink it. The same goes for people trying to kick the habit of drinking, smoking, eating junk food, not exercising and so much more. Exercise is not even an excuse anymore with streaming and technology advancements. You can watch your favorite movie or TV show and ride the bike or the elliptical and get some cardio in and not just be sitting without doing what you want.

We get so defeated in our brains when we fail at something that we commit to that it immediately places us in the state that we cannot do it so we throw in the towel and never look back. We don’t consider the notion of not trying to get back on the bike that we fell off of. That’s the problem a hiccup is just that a hiccup, it’s NOT the end of the world people. Its life! Life challenges you and if it didn’t things would be so easy and we would NOT know how to overcome obstacles or challenges thrown in our direction America. We’ve only been into the New Year about a week, so if you had a minor mishap with a resolution or goal that you set, it’s not the end of the world, just get back on the bike you fell off and continue to peddle people.