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“The Walking Dead” Recap: ‘Faith’

HOLLYWOOD—Last week was a big episode of “The Walking Dead” as the audience discovered the kids were being held at Alexandria by Pamela Milton...

“Walking Dead” Recap: ‘Acts Of God’

HOLLYWOOD—The end is near people on the AMC series “The Walking Dead.” The second part season finale of the three-part season 11 transpired Sunday...

“Walking Dead” Recap: ‘Warlords’

HOLLYWOOD—Well there are new faces people, as noted in the latest episode of “The Walking Dead.” This week’s episode, ‘Warlords’ witnessed Lydia taking a...

“Walking Dead” Recap: ‘Acheron Part 2”

HOLLYWOOD—The premiere episode of “The Walking Dead” last week was full of surprises and ended on an epic cliffhanger. How so Maggie was in...
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