Tag: defund police

Mayor Breed Cuts Police Budget, Hires Security Detail

SAN FRANCISCO—On July 20, new data collected by Forbes auditor, Open the Books, was released indicating that the city of San Francisco spent $12.4...

Police Called 8 Times To Councilman Mike Bonin’s Residence

LOS ANGELES—City Councilman of Los Angeles, Mike Bonin who voted to defund the LAPD budget has records showing police were called to his residence...

LAUSD Discussing Proposal To Defund School Police

CALIFORNIA— LAUSD is considering the possibility of defunding or limiting school police after several proposals have come forward. On Tuesday, June 23 several activists,...

Black Lives Matter Funds White People!

UNITED STATES—Black Lives Matter raises billions of dollars with each episode of political spin, thanks to the media who will do anything (even lie)...
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